Top 10 websites for learning how to code for free

Top 10 websites for learning how to code for free

Do you want to learn how to write code for free and are looking for the best sites where you can do it with zero cost? No problem. You have come to the right place.

Gone are the days when learning programming languages was reserved for the best specialists in the field of computer technology and when you had to spend large sums of money to get access to this knowledge.

Today, there are many free websites where you can learn how to program, and here we present a few of them that you can use to succeed in the world of programming.

Even if you are not going to become a professional programmer, learning a programming language is a real plus if you plan to create and manage websites, applications and much more.

Here are 10 websites that you can use to learn code online for free . In the list you will find several platforms in French, but the most extensive sites, when it comes to free coding lessons, are often written in English or contain most of the information in English.

Top 10 sites where you can learn to program for free

1 – OpenClassrooms.com

OpenClassrooms gives you access to many free programming courses that you can take at any time. HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, programming will no longer keep any secrets for you. The platform has more than 2 million participants, and those who are ready to move to the next level can choose more complex training courses, as a result of which they will receive certificates that they can confirm in the world of employment.

For those who are willing to invest money, OpenClassrooms promises on its page that “You will find a job in your field, or we will reimburse your training.”

2 – Learn-Php.org

Learning Php is a website for those who want to learn the PHP programming language. The layout of the site is not particularly attractive, but you will quickly find that it is a great place to start learning.

On the main page, you will see the subtitle ” Learn the Basics” with a list of various available courses. Start with the first one and work your way to the end. At the end of each course, the platform offers you an exercise that will allow you to check whether you have understood correctly.

Important : Learning Php is part of a larger project to study various programming languages. So, you need to learn Python, Learn Java, Learn Html and much more. To access the list of available programming languages, click “Additional Languages”, which you will see in the top menu of the site, then select the programming language you are interested in from the drop-down list that will appear.

3 – Develop.com

Develop.com this is a place where you can go to learn various programming languages and web development. The platform is really equipped with tutorials and complete courses to download. HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX, etc. Everything is there.

You can even learn how to create 2D and 3D games.

Develop.com it has more than a million regular users, and with its forum you will be able to interact with real people if you encounter any difficulties. News is even published on the site in each category, so that you are aware of the latest changes.

4 – Code.org

Goal Code.org The goal is to integrate the study of programming into the school curriculum. The site offers you a lot of free courses that you can take to learn and master various programming languages.

Code.org It also offers a list of tutorials with a duration of one hour for performing specific programming. This is very useful for those who do not have much time and who want to learn how to do something specific.

5 – Codecademy.com

Codecademy offers many free coding lessons. The platform invites you to join the millions of subscribers who use its platform to study code online. You will be able to master web languages such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript, and learn everything you need to know about Python and SQL. Those who are ready to become a professional can spend a few dollars to get access to even more advanced courses.

Codecademy claims that it offers the easiest way to learn how to code your website for free.

6 – Html.net

According to Html.net creating a website is not very difficult, and the platform aims to provide you with free coding lessons in HTML, CSS and PHP. Are you interested in creating websites and want to learn the basics? Html.net should be able to help.

Classes are practical and without unnecessary frills. The various chapters reviewed are well detailed, and by following them step by step, you will undoubtedly increase your level in programming. In addition, on the site you have access to forums where you can discuss this with other users. Please note that the forums are not particularly busy.

7 – Coursera.org

Coursera.org This is a platform that offers training, 100% online, taught in various large schools around the world. The courses cover various fields, and among the courses offered on the platform, you will be able to learn how to program.

There are free and paid courses, and no matter what programming language you are looking for, you will definitely find free training that talks about it. For those who want to gain access to a more advanced level, Coursera even offers training for several years with supporting diplomas.

8 – Codewars.com

Codewars.com this is not a platform for beginners to learn how to program their website. Before you can start working on this site, you should already have a good foundation in programming. Moreover, access to the site is conditioned on the answer to the question as soon as you have chosen a programming language.

Codewars.com allows you to improve your skills by training together with others in code tasks called kata (in relation to martial arts). When you succeed in kata, the next kata will be harder to solve, and so on. Once you prove yourself, it will be your turn to challenge the community by creating and submitting your own kata.

9-Dash General Assembly

The Dash General Assembly offers a slightly different concept than the other sites on this list. The platform does not display a list of courses or tutorials that you can familiarize yourself with according to your needs.

Rather, you will learn web development languages such as HTML, CSS and JAVA, one course at a time and in a fun way through various projects that you can perform directly from your web browser. You will need to go through each lesson and its exercises before opening the next lesson. So you are really sure that you will grow every time.

10-Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to free, high-quality educational content anywhere in the world. Of course, among the courses available on the platform, you can get free coding courses conducted by experts.

Exercises, videos and much more are available so that everyone can learn at their own pace. All basic programming languages, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, will not contain secrets for you. The site works in partnership with such major institutions as NASA and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In the end: sites where you can learn to code for free
If you want to study code online for free today, there are a thousand and one places where you can find excellent tutorials and lessons without paying a penny. Discover our tutorials: A Beginner’s Tutorial on Javascirpt and a Beginner’s Tutorial on HTML !

However, there are 10 free training websites on our list, although some of the best ones that you will find on the internet will only help you become a good programmer if you are willing to make an effort. Be prepared to work long hours, and if you study and practice well, you will have the opportunity to code her website for free.

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