5 Simple-To-Use Tools to Embed Facebook Feed on Website

5 Simple-To-Use Tools to Embed Facebook Feed on Website

Facebook is truly the king of social media platforms, with a huge user base; it stands tall as the most used social media network. Not only that, it has made such an impact that it has now become an integral part of people’s life.

At the same time, it has also emerged as an important part of businesses’ marketing plans. Facebook ads provide great aid to businesses, but often many small or medium scale businesses cannot afford it. And that is one main of the reasons why businesses are actively embedding Facebook feeds on the website. This strategy not only fits the budget but also integrates this social media giant with the website.

Embedding Facebook feeds on the website provides various other benefits. Like it enhances the visuals of your website, provides social proof to your visitors, helps you increase website traffic, and more.

People also use Facebook to write their reviews about a brand or a business, and by showcasing them on your website, you can win the trust of your potential customers.

These were some of the major benefits of embedding Facebook feeds on the website, now the main question – how to do it? There are various tools available in the markets that help you to embed Facebook feed on the website. And for your convenience, we have listed 5 best tools. You can easily install these tools and operate them with comfort.

Best Tools to Embed Facebook Feed on the Website For Free

Although Facebook provides the facility to users to embed the selected posts on their website by copying the embedding code and pasting it in the website’s backend, unfortunately, it has various limitations and is a time-consuming process. Hence we recommend you to use the tools mentioned below as they ease your embedding process and offer various other features.

1. Tagembed

If you are looking for a simple process to embed Facebook feeds on the website, then Tagembed is the perfect tool. It is one of the famous social media aggregators as it is easy to use. You just have to follow 3 easy steps, and within minutes you will be owning a Facebook integrated website.

The tool helps you to collect posts from Facebook, allow you to curate and customize them, before displaying them beautifully on the website.

Moreover, the tool provides you with customization features to personalize your feed according to your preferences. Here, you can change text size, text style, theme, background and more. All these measures enhance the grace of your website and make it look more professional and organized.


Adding to it, you can also exercise moderation features that allow you to filter out all unwanted and irrelevant content from your feed. You can even opt for a profanity filter that automatically removes all content containing mentioned words from your display feed.

You can use the tool free of cost as it provides free sign up. It also provides analytics, a coding-free process, great support, and various other features, which makes it an ideal tool.

2. SnapWidget

SnapWidget is a user-friendly tool that allows embedding Facebook pages and images on the website. It offers various widgets where users can showcase their artistic side and display the Facebook feed in an attractive way that also increases the website’s charm.

Various widgets that the tool provides are – Facebook Grid, Facebook Slideshow, Facebook scrolling and Facebook Board. Each of these widgets has its own importance, and you can use it creatively.
For example, you can use Facebook Grid to showcase your feed in an organized way. It gives equal space to all the posts, and visitors can look at various posts at once.

3. SociableKIT

SociableKIT is one of the most trusted tools and has great reviews. The customer portfolio of the tools contains thousands of businesses which includes some huge brands as well.


The tool allows embedding all relevant and engaging content on the website, which adds beauty to your website and enhances the user’s browsing experience.
Moreover, showing user-generated content on the website boosts the brand reputation, making the website more presentable. You appear as a transparent brand that shows all customer reviews, opinions, and feedback on the website.


It easily displays all visual-based content, so even if you want to showcase images or videos, it will display it without affecting the website’s speed.

4. Embed Social

Embed social allows you to embed Facebook feeds using Facebook post mentions, page posts, visitors posts. And with a simple auto-sync switch ON, the embedded Facebook feed on the website will start refreshing the feed and display the post as soon as it is posted on Facebook.


The tool also allows the creation of multiple feeds with multiple Facebook pages. Hence, it provides various content that keep the visitor engaged on the website and increases your chance of getting sales.

5. Elfsight

Elfsight is one of the most popular social media aggregator tools. It is easy to manage and provides ease in the embedding process. You can showcase images, posts, videos and more from Facebook and make your website more appealing to the visitors.

It offers a responsive feed that adjusts itself according to the display screen. So it doesn’t matter if your visitor is using a PC, tablet, or mobile; the charm of your feed remains the same.

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Over to you

These are some amazing tools that help you in embedding Facebook feeds on the website. These tools are easy to use and provide great results. What makes these tools worthy is that – these tools provide a great return on investment. So go ahead and try these tools, provide appropriate personalization and watch your business grow.

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