Best Tools To Add Instagram Feed On WIX Website

Best Tools To Add Instagram Feed On WIX Website

The emergence of Instagram surely transformed a lot of things for the variety of audiences it caters to, inclusive of brands, businesses, and marketers.
The platform has become a major marketing touchpoint for all businesses, no matter a huge label or a start-up.
A new marketing trend that has gained popularity since its inception is adding an Instagram feed on the website. This marketing strategy works amazingly well to help brands target their audience better, increase their engagement levels, build social proof of the brand, and eventually increaseconversions and sales.

You must now be wondering about the tools that can help brands to add Instagram feeds on Wix website. In this blog, we have mentioned the best tools using which businesses can do the needful. All the tools are easy to use and do not require any coding or technical expertise. Let’s get started!

The Best Tools To Add Instagram Feed On Wix

1. Taggbox Widget
The first on the list is Taggbox Widget. It is the best User-Generated Content and social media aggregation tool that allows you to collect, curate, and share content on your website. The platform allows you to aggregate content from over 15+ social media platforms including Instagram. This responsive platform offers various features to its users. The users can customize the Instagram widget and enhance its looks by utilizing templates, layouts, fonts, colors, and other options. Taggbox also offers an advanced moderation panel that allows users to moderate the content with the profanity filter. Users can remove any unwanted content with the filter and maintain the content of utmost quality.
The platform has an integration with all the website building platforms including Wix for the users to embed the content in a few easy steps.
Analytics holds a lot of importance and Taggbox understands its significance. Hence, the platform offers insightful analytics to the users to get detailed information about the overall performance of the Instagram widget.
Taggbox has a robust customer support team that assists the users if they come across a technical issue or some other issue while using the platform.

2. Instagram Official Embedding
Instagram itself offers its users the option to embed the content on their website. All that users need to do is visit the post, click on the three dots on the top right corner of the post, select embed as the option, copy the code, paste it on the back of the website and save the changes.

Even though this process looks quite simple and fast, the biggest limitation is that this process is
quite time-consuming and hectic. This process does not allow users to select multiple posts and
embed them at the same time.
This is the biggest limitation of this process and hence, we would recommend you consider the
other mentioned tools in the blog.

3. Snap Widget
Another easy-to-use and responsive tool to add Instagram feeds to your website is the Snap widget. This tool enables the users to aggregate content using hashtags or usernames. The tools offer various customization options to enhance the looks of the widget.
The widget can be displayed in various styles including a slideshow, a grid, etc. The embedding process is quite quick and easy. The tool provides an HTML code to the user that is to be embedded in the backed section of where the user wishes the widget to be

4. Instush
Unlike the other mentioned tools, Instush allows users to create wallpapers using Instagram photos. Using the tool, the users can collect pictures from different profiles or hashtags and create wallpapers from their preferred pictures. Instush offers a variety of display options to the users to display the wallpapers as creatively as possible. There are various other features that the audience can leverage to further amp up the look of the website. The pictures can be displayed on websites, blogs, etc.
This is a great way to increase the dwell time of your visitors on the website and to increase the engagement of the users.

5. Flockler
The last tool in this list is Flockler which is a social media aggregation tool that allows you to collect content from all the major social media platforms including Instagram. The tool offers various customization options like a variety of designs, layouts, styles, etc. The tool offers a content moderation option to remove any unwanted content from the widget. Flocker also offers analytics for the users to track the performance of the widget.

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Final Conclusion

Adding an Instagram feed on the website is a brilliant strategy to enhance the look of the website, increase engagement of the website visitors, and for various other added benefits. If you are a brand and are looking for a way to achieve the aforementioned, then this is the strategy that you need to try. We have reached the end of this blog and you know about the best tools to embed an Instagram feed on your Wix website. Go on, select the best fit and start the strategy right away!

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