Drupal vs WordPress – How to choose? Which solution is better?

Drupal vs WordPress – How to choose? Which solution is better?

Drupal vs WordPress Difference:

You have knowledge of Drupal vs WordPress before Start a website and manage it to promote your online activities or create a website to make money. Whatever the reason for the creation, Drupal and WordPress allow you to do it.

However, the problem arises over choosing the best CMS to use. So we will compare them for you.

WordPress overview


WordPress, created in 2003, is the most used and popular content management system of all. Currently, it hosts around 35% of existing websites and manages 35.2% of the market.

Several large companies and entities present on the Internet, use WordPress, including Sony Mobile, Mercedes-Benz, University of Washington, The New Yorker, whitehouse.gov, etc. We know all the fame these have, and we all know how important they are. This proves that WordPress has a quality of use in accordance with standards.

What about Drupal?


Admittedly, Drupal’s figures are not as high as those of WordPress. However, several websites operate thanks to this system. We can cite: The University of Colorado, The State of Colorado, nasa.gov…

The Drupal system manages 2.3% of websites and 4.6% of the content management systems market.

By relying on these numbers and uses, although Drupal is much older than WordPress, WordPress is gaining ground.

Drupal vs WordPress Benefits Comparison

Whether Drupal and WordPress, each platform has its strengths, which often lead entities to trust them.

On the one hand, WordPress has the advantage of ease of use, it is also easy to have help during its use, ease in extension. All this compared to Drupal. In addition, the WordPress platform already offers ready-to-use solutions and services. This further reduces user fees.

On the other hand, the custom content types of Drupal are more flexible than those of WordPress. One of the interesting advantages offered by Drupal is to be able to create new user roles with individual permission thanks to an integrated control system. In addition, Drupal already has basic support for multilingual sites. So, unlike WordPress, it no longer needs to turn to third-party plugins for multilingual functionality. Best of all is the ability Drupal has to process a lot of content. It is the flexibility of the taxonomies system.

Which one allows you to get started as easily as possible?

With WordPress, creating a worksite is done quickly, that is to say in just a few hours because on this platform, it is possible to find a specific theme for a niche. It is easy to use WordPress thanks to WordPress theme customizers such as the Gutenberg editor, which are present, and which promote the creation of unique content in addition to the fact that the WordPress interface is easy to understand.

On the other hand, Drupal seems more complex to use. First, you will need a developer to have the theme and presentation that work best for you. In addition, it is difficult to understand the Drupal interface without forgetting the fact that the functional level is very basic.

In cases, WordPress wins this comparison over ease. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to launch your website, go for WordPress.

The number of themes

Certainly, compared to DrupalWordPress has a large margin, in terms of the number of extensions. For WordPress, more than 53,000 plugins or extensions are available, free and we are not talking about the number obtained thanks to the premium option. In addition, the platform offers nearly 4,000 free themes or aesthetics.

wordpress-themeAnyway, that doesn’t mean the WordPress interface is the best. For its part, Drupal has a lower number. If in general, we consider that 39,000 modules or functionalities are available with 2,500 themes. In reality, the interface contains 4,000 modules and 250 themes.

Do you want to create a secure site?

On this, this criterion, Drupal surpasses WordPress. As we all know, Drupal is a popular content management system for large companies. We also note that large players and government institutions, relying on this interface. This is due to the very main reason, Drupal is more reliable than WordPress. If WordPress’s market share is 35.2%, the platform is quite vulnerable because it contains 74% of pirated sites, despite this, Drupal only has 2%.

Drupal or WordPress? What can we get out of it?

We are here to help you choose between these two interfaces for managing your sites. We have chosen to detail some specificities and characteristics to take into account before choosing which one is the best.

However, answer the question, “Which one is better?” “Turns out to be complicated because each of them has distinct functionality and values ​​from the other. It is true that by relying on the comparison made above, we can conclude that WordPress is better compared to Drupal. However, depending on the criteria and the type of site you plan to create, you can choose whether you prefer Drupal and WordPress.

For a website secure and complex with various specific features, Drupal is for you. However, if you intend to have a site easily with several possibilities for its development, the best choice would be to turn to WordPress.


Before putting an end to this article, we send you our thanks for your confidence and your reading.

In the end, whether you choose WordPress or Drupal, it should depend on your project. Just know that the easy and fast use of WordPress would be your asset if your website must be simple and temporary, because this interface is made for any use.

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