How to Backup WordPress Site Using Cpanel

How to Backup WordPress Site Using Cpanel

Backup WordPress site using Cpanel:

Backup WordPress site  is one of the features of Cpanel that is used to ensure that your site data and information is lost. This is to avoid unwanted events that can cause inaccessible access to your site or even lose data.

LuHoster Ltd, as an UK leading hosting company, has data backup facilities (weekly and monthly), but data backup should also be considered, which is a mandatory activity of the clients themselves.

Backing up the site data available to Cpanel includes backing up site data, email, database, and DNS configuration, and generally Cpanel.

By backing up data, you have at least one copy of your site data stored locally on your computer. The following tutorial on how to back up data that can be done in the Cpanel dashboard:

Backup WordPress site tutorial:

1. Sign in to your Cpanel site account (yourdomainname.com/cpanel) and enter your Cpanel username and password.


2. Then, in the Menu Files section, select or click Backup Wizard to backup WordPress site using Cpanel.


3. There are two options for Backup and Restore, select or click Backup


Offsite back is important?

4. Select Full backup. it will backup your whole WordPress site with files.

full backup

5. On this page we will determine the destination for backing up data, just select Home Directory (before making sure there is free space on your hosting), enter your email address so that the details of the process and notification of backups to be sent to your email. After that click Backup


6. Then the screen will appear as follows, this means the backup process is still ongoing, you can Go back (This action will not cancel the backup that was executed)

backup -download

7. A file will appear that you can download from the backup data, which means that the file is ready for download and storage in the storage area. local you

backup available

If you are still having problems, please contact us live chat on this website or you can email Technical Support.


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