How to migrate from Wix to WordPress (Migration Guide)

How to migrate from Wix to WordPress (Migration Guide)

You want to create your own website and are currently looking for a way to do it. You have two options, WIX or WORDPRESS. These are the website publishers currently popular in the market. They are practical, intuitive and have an easy handling even for beginners in Webmaster.

So, whether you choose to edit your website with WIX or WORDPRESS , you will always have achieved your goal. However, the two platforms are very different from a technical and practical point of view. Each of them offers specific offers and services specific to their ethics.

If you are currently on WIX and for one reason or another you want to switch to WORDPRESS . We will guide you on the steps to follow for your migration. We can transfer 3 different methods. But first, let’s look for a reason to take the step.

Why convert the website on WIX to WORDPRESS?

As our two competitors play in quite different courses. We will try to compare what is comparable between the two. We will take the following criteria as a benchmark on the performance of the two software:

  • Ease of use: the practical side of software on their handling in general
  • SEO or SEO : their advantages or disadvantages for referencing published articles or pages
  • The blog: how the two publishers manage their blogs
  • Additional applications: concerning their capacities to evolve and highlight their assets by arming themselves with applications or extensions
  • Assistance: referring to the customer service that platforms can offer to meet users’ needs and requests
  • Value for money: these website publishers still require an investment in their uses or facilities, we will see.



WIX is perhaps the easiest website editor to use. Modification and manipulation in the software work with the principle of taking, dragging and dropping. This optimizes the flexibility to move and / or add elements at will on the software, but also an easy handling to quickly master the functionalities. On the visual, we have a wide range of choices on blog models, online store, etc.

From the SEO point of view, WIX defends itself well by offering some optimization options for your site and the possibility of modifying page titles, images and URLs. For blogs, it allows you to add a blog to the site, but with a limitation of options. The level of control over WIX pages is not sufficient to monitor the layout of publications outside of image and video processing.

WIX has an App Market offering 250 applications to dress it and develop your website. We can cite as applications for making appointments and live chat to assist customers, but also online shopping applications.

Speaking of customer service, it has 24/7 customer assistant email support and several article forums with tutorials to get started.



WORDPRESS is a very flexible content management system allowing you to create everything from the thousands of themes offered by its extensions. The processing of articles, pages and blog content will be done with Gutenberg . It is however necessary to have a minimum of technical knowledge to be able to handle it correctly.

In SEO, it is by far the most efficient with its many options and unlimited access to powerful SEO plugins like Yoast SEO or Google Analycator . It has positioned itself as the reference for bloggers with its tools for adding tags and categories to the blog. Added to that extensions of comments, articles and surveys, etc. On WORDPRESS, the possibilities that can be made with a blog can be endless.

WODPRESS has a library composed of thousands of plugins giving it the possibility of having any functions. But some plugins are free and others can be a bit expensive.

The software in Open Source does not offer any customer support, on the other hand the FAQs happen in the community or forum to seek an answer to all eventualities of problems which can arise.

Buy WordPress hosting


First of all, you must have a website published by WODPRESS hosted and with a domain name. This site will serve as the recipient of all the data that we will transfer from WIX.

You can take web hosting and install WordPress, or choose WordPress optimized hosting. So you don’t have to worry about updates, backups, security and performance features.

Your new WordPress site acquired, make all the basic settings on the software dashboard in the ” settings  ” menu . You can condition it to your liking as the choice of the appearance of your future website.

The next step is to migrate your Wix site to your WordPress site.

Migrate from Wix to WordPress


The first option 1: manual migration

Wix is ​​not open source, it is not possible to directly transfer the content of this CMS. You can migrate your Wix site to your new WordPress site manually by following the following steps.

Let’s take it step by step:

1- Download the RSS file from your WIX website  : on the WIX interface, navigate to “Blog” and search for the “RSS Button” menu, then drag the RSS file anywhere on the interface. Once apart, click on it, you will then land in RSS feeds.

2- Registration of source codes  : on the RSS feed page, right click on the mouse and select “save”. The file will have the format feed.xml

3- Importing the file into WORDPRESS  : go to the WORDPRESS dashboard, navigate to “tools” and on the RSS bar click on “Import”.

4- Search for the file to import  : select the file feed.xml then import it from WORDPRESS

5- Verification of the import  : check on your WIX page that the data has been imported, if not, try the import process again.

6- Download Import External Image plugin on WORDPRESS  : download and install the Import External Image plugin on WORDPRESS

7- Activation Import External Image  : in WORDPRESS, navigate to “Media”, select “Import Images”, click on “Import Images now”

8- Moving your WIX pages to WORDPRESS  : go to WIX and select the pages you want to move, then copy all the content.

9- Creation of WORDPRESS page  : on the dashboard, go to “page” then “add”

10- Page insertion  : once, the pages created, paste the pages, copy from WIX then publish


The second option 2: automated migration

If you do not want to perform a manual migration of your Wix site to WordPress, you can choose an automated migration through the installation of a plugin. To do this, follow the steps below.

1- Download CMS2CMS Plugin  : look for the plugin in “extension”, install it then activate it.

2- Activation of the CMS2CMS extension  : go to “Extension” menu then select “WIX to WORDPRESS”

3- Registration login on CMS2CMS  : register on the plugin page

4- WIX site URL selection  : insert the URL of your WIX site in CMS2CMS then click on “check the connection”. You will then land in CMS2CMS to make the transfers.

You can choose the data migration mode that suits you either by migrating metadata, migrating images / attachments to the body of the content or configuring URL redirects

With your choices and settings made, you can start the migration. We suggest you start with the free demo. This will allow you to see if everything has worked well or if there is possibly a blockage, you can then correct the situation. Once completed, WORDPRESS will notify you by email.

Once the demo is over, you are satisfied, you can make the actual migration of your data for the corresponding costs.

Your site migrated, you must now proceed to an update.


After migrating from Wix to WordPress

The migration from your wix site to your WordPress site is now done. Some updates to your new site should be made:

1- The security of your website : First, the choice of your WordPress host is important in the security of your site. Second, practices to secure your wordpress site exist such as changing your login URL, your password.

2- The SEO WordPress is great for the SEO of your website. Techniques exist to improve it such as the choice of plugin , the sitemap file, the robots.txt file.

3- The statistics of your site : Follow the statistics of your site (traffic and conversions), the behavior of your visitors with Google Analytics .

4- Advanced features : With WordPress, you have access to many Plugins, free or paid, allowing all possible functions. These include social media plugins , contact forms, CRM.

This list is not exhaustive, there are many possibilities with WordPress!

Migration site wix to WordPress, to conclude

We have introduced you to the different facets of the WIX and WORDPRESS editors ? Each of them has their advantages, but also their disadvantages. We offer you a migration to WORDPRESS, because knowing the endless possibilities it has thanks to its diverse and varied extensions. It is also the benchmark for SEO in the market. He can easily reference your site naturally on the web. And many powerful plugins are available to you!

Migrating your Wix site to WordPress can be scary, but it’s worth it, you won’t be disappointed.

I hope this guide on migration will help you ? Don’t hesitate to share your ideas…

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