How to be number 1 on Google?

How to be number 1 on Google?

How to be number 1 on Google?

To be in pole position on Google, a utopia? Not at all ! With some advice and a good knowledge of the expectations of the search engine, you can position your website in first position even on highly competitive keywords. SEO is a set of techniques promoting optimal visibility of your website, your e-commerce or your blog. Let us take stock of the different solutions.

SEO, natural or paid?

There are indeed two different categories encompassed by web SEO. The two methods are:

  • natural referencing which is also called SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • paid referencing or SEA (Search Engine Advertising).

These solutions are complementary in order to ensure you a good position on the results of Google. Why is it so important to be at the top of Google’s lists? Because in reality, when a user launches a request on Google, he only consults the first 3, 4 or 5 sites that have been selected . The internet user will very rarely go lower on page one and almost never on page 2 or 3!

If you need to give visibility to your website, it is important to follow the requirements of Google algorithms by mastering the tricks! This allows you to attract quality traffic to your site, boost your turnover, but also to better communicate with your customers, partners or prospects.

How to become number 1 on Google?

With a few techniques to know and help, you will quickly observe the evolution of the position of your website.

Write quality content

Over the years, Google has become more and more demanding on the quality of website content. In the past, it was enough to fill a site, even if the articles, photos or videos were of poor quality. But that’s totally to be avoided now, because it sends a bad signal to Google which will decide to misplace the site.


It is therefore necessary to produce quality content with faultless texts, naturally integrated keywords and content that is as interesting as it is relevant. Internet users must be able to find information that brings them added value. You have to create a real interest and arouse the desire to come back. It is therefore a question of retaining readers or customers so that they return to the site. If Google detects that they only stay a few seconds and go elsewhere, the site will be poorly rated and the ranking will suffer. On the other hand, the content offered must be unique and original! No plagiarism will be tolerated, as it is the immediate sanction.

The importance of links and netlinking to reference the site

The links that will point to your site or to other pages of the site are also essential.

The internal network

Regarding links from your site to other pages, it makes sense to develop a well-constructed and efficient internal network. Internal linking is an organization of the links on your website. This mesh strengthens the structure of your site . This referencing is very important for Google to detect and rate your site as well as possible.


Here is a part of the SEO strategy which is a little more complex and which we advise you to delegate. For example, opt for SEMJuice support for your netlinking strategy : the agency is renowned for its sound advice and the quality of its actions, for clean and serious netlinking.

Netlinking or link building is the fact of having a large number of inbound links to improve SEO . In summary, the more you talk about other sites on your own site, the more beneficial it is. This indicates that the content is interesting, that it is shared regularly and that your site acts as a reference in your field. Netlinking campaigns are expertly developed to follow SEO trends and be reactive according to specific events, or more favorable periods in order to achieve personalized netlinking. To be more effective, a campaign must be thought over the long term in order to have a real consistency for Google.

By opting for a quality campaign guided by the netlinking agency, you benefit from anchors inserted naturally in quality texts and published on high-end partner sites . There is no point in multiplying links to poorly designed sites, poorly positioned on Google or on a medium that could harm your e-reputation!

And the images of the website?

Often images and videos are overlooked when designing a site. But in reality, Google’s robots, called Googlebots, also examine all of the media content on your web pages. It is therefore wise to add quality images, in relation to the content. By illustrating your texts, you will add weight to your publication. Be careful, however, to choose royalty-free images or to pay the rights on online photo sites, which then authorize the use of the image. Also remember to associate your images with keywords, this is called alt tags. They make it possible to name the images, because the Google robot cannot yet decipher the visual content. Thus, it is detected thanks to the selected keywords.

Choose relevant keywords

It is essential to know what type of keywords you want to position your website on. The agency can also give you valuable advice to work on your SEO. The keywords must appear naturally in the texts so that you are not sanctioned by Google. It is strongly advised not to overload your content with keywords that would give a feeling of inconsistency and over-optimization.

Also remember to take care of your meta descriptions. This is the small text that appears when you type a query on the search engines. The meta description must contain the main keyword and give a quick description, allowing you to understand what your website offers or exposes.

What is RSS Feed and ho to use it in WordPress?

Referencing a website requires rigorous work and real know-how. To become number 1 on Google, it is a chain of actions to be implemented, which can be time-consuming . Do not hesitate to be advised or guided for the referencing of your site. This will guarantee faster success, and will allow you to stand out from the competition by displaying a positive image of your website.


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