Why book a .STORE domain name?

Why book a .STORE domain name?

Why book a .STORE domain name?

With the speed at which the internet is currently “inhabited”, more and more entrepreneurs want to create a site for their company and everyone is looking for the best name domain. And because some areas are not yet overflowing, the first come first served. If you haven’t done that yet reserved a .STORE domain name for your company.This article gives you the three main reasons why you should do it now.

An ideal choice to present your online store

To authorize you to reserve a .STORE domain name, it offers you the opportunity to emphasize the basic identity of your website: online trading regardless of the size of your company. Whether you earn a few euros a day or make a fortune selling your products, nothing is better than a domain name that you can see through effectively. the nature of your activity.

We always said it when the opportunity arose. If you are in the field of online sales, you will probably first think of it a .COM extension. It’s perfect. There is nothing wrong with that. It is also an excellent choice.

But you must know that in addition to this choice, it is also possible to expand your tentacles as much as possible. You should consider making a reservation a .STORE domain name. To be honest, after the .COM extension, the STORE extension is most suitable for online trading. If you need to make a reservation for a domain name, .STORE should appear at the top of the list on your screen.

So you prefer the .STORE extension if you are in one of the following situations:

  • You have a e-commerce website ;
  • You do it sale of details in physics or online;
  • You are in the small physical trade ;
  • You have a startups ;
  • You are a storage solutions provider ;
  • You have a pet Shop ;
  • You have a ready-made store;
  • You have a tea room.


To get more traffic

One of the most worn statements of our time says that a thousand roads lead to Rome. That is perhaps why the Vatican is as powerful as it is today. In fact, this is just a filthy metaphor to help you understand that more paths lead to you, the more you become known. And it is not in the world of the web that the opposite will be proven.

By buying a .STORE domain name, you create a second path that, via redirects, leads other users (your future customers) to your online store. This number of visitors is added to the number of users who visit your site via the initial domain. You have therefore created two paths that lead to a single website.

From that moment on you can consider that you are on your way to becoming “the Vatican” in your business sector. To speak Web language, we will say that you gain visibility, with which you can benefit more visitors you can do that convert to leads and then to buyers. But that all starts with the .STORE domain name registration.

Fight against cyber squatting

There is a disappointing practice that has become a major threat to the visibility of various websites. This is a practice intended for someone who is generally unknown to you, to occupy the names of domains that you have not reserved, using the name of your brand or company.

So if you have a site like “www.justeunexemple.com”, it’s true that you go generate traffic. However, once your site begins to grow, it is possible that a person with the necessary skills will create a site such as “www.justeunexemple.STORE”. Because you have not reserved your .STORE domain name, it can use this site to mislead the vigilance of your current and potential customers. And because it’s one e-commerce website the question is even more sensitive.

This is all the more important because the number of admissions has increased considerably. Imagine that in just one year 100,000 .STORE domain names have been registered. That means that the margin that you have is getting smaller every day. It would be better if you decided now. Otherwise you can arrive when your domain name has already been purchased by someone you don’t know. And there, if you plan to get it back, you have to pay 4 to 5 times more than you would have to pay to make the reservation. So don’t waste any more time.

Can I register a STORE domain name?

The question is relevant. Given certain parameters that relate to, for example, the geographic location of your business, the nature of your business and the size of the business, some extensions may not be accessible to you. But this is not the case with the domain name .STORE.

Everyone has access to this domain name. Whether you are a private individual, an entrepreneur or a business owner, you have the opportunity to benefit equally from the benefits of the domain name.

Why Book a .fun Domain name?

What are the characteristics of the .STORE offer?

The first element that is characteristic of the .STORE domain name offer is the duration of the minimum reservation. She comes from 1 year and can extend over a 10-year period. At the end of these 10 years, if you still have not created a website on the domain, you must renew it otherwise, the reservation becomes invalid and can be obtained by any other person.

The other element to mention is it domain syntax it can vary from 3 to 63 characters. It can contain letters (A to Z), numbers (0 to 9), next to a bar of 6 that you must place within the name and not at the beginning or the end.

It is up to you to play and book your domain. SHOP ?




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