Why book a .ONLINE domain name?

Why book a .ONLINE domain name?

Why book a .ONLINE domain name?

You may never have thought of it! But know that if you are an individual, if you have one company or a non-profit association and if you have a active websiteit’s just as important as you book a .ONLINE domain name. For those who don’t know why this is important, this article discusses the various benefits you receive by reserving a .online domain name. Read instead.

To protect and strengthen your brand image

Maybe you have already registered a website on another domain. You may be wondering how important it is to book a .online domain name. You should know that the first benefit of a .online domain name is security and protection of the identity of your company against spoofing.

It is indeed possible for a third party to create a .online domain name with the name of your brand if you had not reserved this domain before.

In this case, many of your visitors by confusing the extension may end up on the site with the .online extension that you think may be on your site. As a result, the benefits of your advertising efforts are shared between you and people who may have cleverly created a domain name with your brand name.

It is sufficient for the user to type the name of your company in the search bar so that the search engine displays the .online domain name that contains the name of your company below the list of relevant results. And it’s you who loses. Especially in such cases it is usually very difficult to restore the domain name.

To protect yourself against such inconveniences, it is therefore better to to book a .online domain name, from the creation of your website.

An .ONLINE domain name is unlimited and suitable for all needs

If you notice, the word & # 39; online & # 39; a colorless term. “Online” is easy online. The term lets you know that you are directly accessible on the internet. But it does not limit you and does not limit you in a certain area.

That means that you can adapt this extension to all types of websites. Whether it is one professional website, of a personal website or a blog, a .online domain name suits you.

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A .ONLINE domain name is easier to remember

Here we focus on the symbolic meaning of the word “online” itself and therefore on the psychological effect it has on your visitors. In fact, the .online extension has the special feature of being a term to which almost everyone is already used. It is a complete sentence with meaning clear and understandable from the first reading.

For example, if you have an internet address like this, & # 39; moncommerce.online It clearly means ” my online business “Your internet address is not just another address like any other, but it is a complete sentence with meaning. That is it easier to remember by your visitors.

But apart from the ease of remembering .online extension offers, it also helps to give your audience, an image of openness and permanent availability. We explain this in more detail in the following section.

A .ONLINE domain name increases the volume of your traffic

The word online Which means online in French there has always been a stimulating factor. To take the example of social networking, studies have shown that people are more likely to send a message or messages to correspondents whose status has shown that they & # 39; Online & # 39; or & # 39; online & # 39;.

It may not seem logical, but it is a reality. Such a state of affairs can be justified by the need for attention from shippers, which translates into the expectation of reply to their message in a more or less short time. And of course this cannot be possible if the correspondent is not “online”.

It is said that by booking a domain name “.online”, you benefit from this psychological effect to further encourage your visitors to contact your technical service. Needless to say you will see your number of leads increase considerably in a few months. And if your customer service is efficient, your sales will improve sequentially. So you have everything to win.

So if you already have a website, it’s time to order your .online domain name to prevent your brand and identity from being faked by other people and attracting more traffic.

Who can reserve a .ONLINE domain name?

As we told you before, .online domain names have absolutely no restrictions. They are suitable for all profiles and all activities and can therefore be reserved by:

  • of the individuals ;
  • of the online stores ;
  • of the associations or organizations ;
  • of the bloggers ;
  • Etc.

Let’s see the content of the .online offer.

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What does the .ONLINE domain name offer?

For those who want to book one .ONLINE domain name we give you an idea of ​​what the offer contains. It consists of:

  • A booking period included between 1 and 10 years ;
  • An opening time of up to 1 hour;
  • A domain name that includes 3 and 63 characters, excluding .online extension and who can hold it letters of the alphabet the statistics and a bar of 6. This can be placed anywhere except at the beginning or the end of the domain name;
  • A service to protect your brand by registering on the DPML (list of protected domains) and the TMCH (trademark clearinghouse) who can warn you and block all domain names that consist of your brand name.
  • A service Online brand protection with which you can restore a domain name if it has already been registered by a third party.




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