Why book a .TECH domain name?

Why book a .TECH domain name?

Why book a .TECH domain name?

What is the current extension of your internet address? How many extensions have you already locked? Have you already booked a .TECH domain name ? If this is not the case, this must be done without delay, because of its scope, this expansion is attracting increasing interest. If you value your brand, book a .TECH domain name while he is still free.

A domain name that is specifically tailored to technical services

Today, technology has ended up in almost all industries. So much so that we can no longer distinguish between special-technical websites and other websites. When you are inside in the field of technology It is important that you let people know, simply by seeing your site, which service category they should expect.

In short, the .TECH extension suits you if you end up in one of the following cases:

  • You are a webmaster ;
  • You are a software developer ;
  • You are a system administrator ;
  • You are a technical consultancy ;
  • You are a blogger technology ;
  • You have a website with tutorials ;
  • You have a website that places opinions about it High Tech products ;
  • You offer services from technical assistance ;
  • You have a website on which you sell technical skills ;
  • You have a startup.

So, as long as you are somewhere in the technical world, it is better to be precise, so that your website does not get lost in the more than 4 billion websites that exist. And before you proceed, you should keep in mind that most hundreds of thousands of domain names that are currently registered startups and developers. You too book your .tech domain

tech domain name

An extension that offers you expertise in your field

For those who have not commented, check out these two websites: www.monservice.com and www.monservice.tech. Do you feel the effect this has on the average reader? We are so used to .COM for e-commerce that we cannot imagine it being one website with purely technical services.

On the other hand, with an address like www.monservice.tech, the technical side immediately emerges. And this has the advantage of Position yourself favorably on the marketing plan. your credibility and your serious is automatically assumed from a technical point of view. If your website is well designed and you offer quality serviceswe take you for one Expert in your field, wait for you to confirm this impression.

But that is not everything! The technical extension, is it not included in the main languages ​​of the internet? In English and in French, we understand what a suffix like & # 39; TECH “. So you hold an extension that can open the doors of new market segments. You can use it to one expansion of your activities abroad.

To benefit from better SEO on Google

It is no longer a secret. As a gargantua of the web, the Google search engine introduces itself approximately 97% of the research shares (including local searches). This means that you cannot succeed on the internet without taking into account Google requirements and preferences of him algorithmic robots.

In fact, the more precise you are, the greater the chance that you will be better indexed and better positioned on the search results pages. With a .TECH domain name, Google’s algorithmic robots know exactly to which category your site belongs. Your site therefore benefits from a better positioning and especially from one optimized ranking.

For the protection and security of your website

Here we want to talk about this plague that you have probably heard about and that it is better not to be a victim: cybersquatting. Cybersquatting is a strategy that is for a third party squat your domain name on other extensions. Sometimes done accidentally, but very often on purpose, cybersquatting allows its authors to take advantage of the mistakes of Internet users’ seizures to alert them to the variance of your site that they created instead of on your site. In this way you share your customers with those people you largely don’t know.

In addition to losing visitors and customersit is possible that your brand and your identity are associated with non-catholic practices, by the authors of this cybersquatting.

To prevent your internet address from being cracked, it is best to lock access to all possible variations of your address. And this lock of course starts with a reservation of a .TECH domain name.

What is the value of the .TECH offer?

So what about a .TECH domain name? That tells you that? Then don’t waste any more time. Already knew you were on one minimum period of 1 year. And for every reservation, your domain name is only available to you for 10 consecutive years. After this period you must extend your reservation. Moreover, you have already created your website with this domain name in this period.

Now let’s talk about the domain name itself. With the .TECH offer you have access to at least 3 characters and you can use it to 63. If you need to add this to the extension and prefix of the address, we will say that your domain name will contain 71 characters in total.

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Among these characters you can use:

  • every letter from the french alphabet (A to Z);
  • any number classic digital system (0 to 9);
  • a six (-) bar that must be placed within the domain name and not at the beginning or the end.

And finally, the opening time is a maximum of one hour. The choice is yours! ?



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