Understanding the site, web hosting and domain name

Understanding the site, web hosting and domain name

Understanding the site, web hosting and domain name

Ordinary users need to understand understanding the website, web hosting, domain name and supporting elements. When searching for information online, users will be directed to a unique web address (for example: www.namawebsite.com) called a Domain Name / URL – Uniform Resource Locator. Users find information in the form of text, photos or animations, animations, audio, or video in a medium called a site or site.

This site is opened via a browser located on a computer / laptop / smartphone / tablet. Exploration programs that can be used include: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.


Website or site is a collection of pages that display information about text data, real estate or cinema data, moving data, audio, video, or a combination of them, both static and dynamic, that are a series of interconnected buildings where each one is linked to a page networks (hyperlink).

Be static if the content of the site information is consistent, rarely changes, and the content of the information is in the same direction only by the site owner. It is dynamic when the content of site information is always changing and the content of the information is two-way interactive by site owners and users. Examples of static sites include company profiles, while dynamic websites such as social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), news portals (detik, cnnindonesia, tribunnews etc.), discussion forums and e-commerce (bukalapak, tokopedia etc.). Regarding development, static websites can only be updated by their owners, while dynamic websites can be updated by users and owners.


The following support elements must be available to provide a website:

1. Domain Name

Domain name or can be called domain name or URL (Single Resource Locator) is a unique web address used to locate a website, or in other words the domain name is the address used to find a web site. Example: www.luhoster.com or www.cateringkita.com.

Definition of domain names

Domain names are freely traded on the Internet by domain name service providers with an annual rental status. After purchasing the domain name from one of the listing service providers, the user has a control panel for administration. If the user forgets / does not extend the lease period, the domain name will be released to the public again.

The domain name itself has an extension / extension ID in accordance with the interests and location of the site. Examples of international extension domain names are com, net, org, info, biz, name, ws. Examples of domain names with location extensions for Indonesia are:

– .id: Intended for the public who conducts their activities on the Internet.
– .co.id: For a business entity / business having a legal entity.
– .ac.id: For educational institutions equivalent to schools / universities.
– .go.id: Especially for government institutions of the Republic of Indonesia.
Mil.id: Especially for Military Institutions of the Republic of Indonesia.
– .or.id: For all types of organizations.
– .sch.id: For Educational Institutions corresponding to primary, secondary, higher and vocational schools.
– .web.id: Intended for the public performing their activities on the Internet.
Village.id: Goal of the village government.

2. Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a Room (space) contained on the server computer’s hard drive, as a repository of various data, files, images, videos, audio, email data, statistics, databases, and so on that will be displayed on the site. This server computer must be connected 24 hours online to a data center that is connected to the internet world.

Understanding web hosting

The amount of data that can be entered depends on the size of the web hosting package rented by the web hosting service provider. The larger the web host, the greater the variety of data that can be stored.

Hosting is also done by leasing. Users will get a control panel that is protected by a username and password to manage the site. The amount of hosting is determined by the disk size of the MB size (Mega Byte) or GB (Giga Byte).

The average length of web rental is calculated per month or year. Hosting is done by website hosting guests, who are often found in Indonesia and abroad. Location of datacenter web hosting various. Some are located in Jakarta, Singapore, England, America etc. With rental rates vary.

3. Program Language (Web Program) with Website Design.

Web Programming is a language used to translate each command into a site on access. The type of program language determines the static, dynamic, or interactivity of a site. The more variety of language programs used, the more dynamic, interactive and good the website will look.

Define web programming

Various programming languages ​​are available to support the quality of the website. The types of program languages ​​widely used by web designers include HTML, ASP, PHP, JSP, Java Scripts, Java applets, XML, Ajax etc. The basic language used by any website is HTML, while PHP, ASP, JSP and others support languages ​​that act as dynamic regulators and site interactivity.

The languages ​​of these programs produce information and some features on the site. In order for the information and functions to be convenient for Internet users, it is necessary to wrap the language of the program into a beautiful and functional graphic design that is easy to operate.

Website design determines the quality and beauty of a website. Design has a great influence on the visitor rating will be good or not a website and display responds to all devices (computer / laptop / smartphone / tablet). Creating a website can usually be done alone or hire the services of a website designer.

Keep in mind that the quality of the website’s appearance depends largely on the quality of the designer. Increasingly web designers’ dominance over various programs / software to support web design will produce more quality websites and vice versa. These web designer services generally require the highest cost of all web development costs and depend on the quality of the designer. Web design programs include Macromedia Firework, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Frontpage etc.

Content Management System:

Creating a website in a modern way was facilitated by the presence of the CMS program (Content Management System). The program is able to combine web programs and web design together. Its use is simply installed via the site’s control panel or manually. Examples of CMS programs are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. CMS was created by professional web developers and web designers to make it easy for ordinary people to have a website. CMS website tutorials can be found online and in bookstores.

Content Management System


The main support activities that are interconnected when creating a website are:

1. FTP program (File Transfer Protocol)

Web designers work on websites with their own computers. Various program languages, text data information, images, videos and sounds have become supportive files for the site. The file can be opened using the browser (the browser) to view an entire site on your own computer (offline).

But these files need to be uploaded to an online version of web hosting to access worldwide. Users will have FTP access (File Transfer Protocol) after ordering a web hosting to move the site’s files to the web hosting data center.

To use FTP, you need an FTP program such as WS FTP, Smart FTP, Cute FTP etc. This FTP program is mainly found on the internet with free use or has to pay. Web designers can also use FTP installs that are embedded in webmasters, for example Adobe Dreamweaver.

2. Publish a site.

The existence of a website is of no use in building without being visited or known by visitors of the public or the Internet. Because the effectiveness of the site depends on the size of the visitors and the comments that come. Introducing the site to the public requires what is called publishing or promotion.

Posting sites in the community can be done in a variety of ways, such as brochures, brochures, billboards, business cards and so on. but this method can be said to be still very limited in its audience. Posting unlimited space or time is immediate posting on the internet via search engines (search engines such as: Google, Bing, etc.). Then create social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube etc.

There are free publications on search engines and some payments. Not even social media, some are free and paid for. The difference is that it lasts long if the publication is free. If paid, many visitors visit the site and may generate a fast turnover.


To support site continuity, maintenance is required each time as desired, such as adding information, news, articles, links, images, and more. Without good maintenance the space will look boring or monotonous, soon leaving the guests.

Website maintenance can be done at a specific time, such as every day, weekly or once a month on a regular or periodic basis as needed (not routine). Normal maintenance is usually used by news sites, article providers, agencies or government agencies. While periodic maintenance is usually for personal spaces, sales / e-commerce and so on.


It should be understood that the domain name and the web hosting scheme are rentals. If both are paid for the extension of the lease period, then you have the right to acquire and use it. Many cases of delay in the extension of the lease period, or it is difficult to contact a third party (web designer) as an intermediary for the initial registration, will be fatal. You will lose your domain name as an identity in the internet world. Make sure you remember to extend the rental period. The importance of the domain name you need to understand.

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