What is WordPress Slug and how to set it up

What is WordPress Slug and how to set it up

WordPress slug is a terminology that refers to SEO optimization increasingly popular on the internet. That is why you will learn today what is slug and how to set this functionality on your WordPress site.

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What is Slug WordPress?

a slug WordPress is nothing more than a text extract that appears immediately after the domain is typed in a URL. This short piece of URL is part of the Permalink that leads to specific content on a site.

slug wordpress example

When you add a new message, WordPress automatically creates one slug based on a permanent link to the new content. And you can continue at any time Settings> Permanent links to edit your own slug.

It is interesting that WordPress manages one slug automatically for you. But it is not really recommended to leave it as it is. The standard CMS slug may not be user-friendly for both search engines and users who cannot identify content placed by the URL.

How to set up Slug in WordPress?

Before you can start creating or editing a snail, you need to know some basic rules.

  • Replace all spaces between words with basic dashes (-).
  • Only lowercase letters can be used.
  • Do not use underscores (_) or graphic accents.

Slug in WordPress messages

You can set it slug of a content (message) only by editing the message. Simply navigate to the title of the message and locate the input field. permalink. The image below refers to the Gutemberg version of WordPress.

set snail wordpress in messages

If you cannot find it, you must first create the title of the message. Then save the concept of content. The field looks like this and you can change it as desired by clicking on the side button to spend. Then click save.

Snails in WordPress pages & # 39; s

You can also edit the slug on WordPress pages. Navigate to Pages & # 39; s> Add New. Create a new page. The edit field appears just above the page title.

set snail wordpress on pages

Category and Tag Slug

WordPress can also set slus for Categories and Tags every time one is created. If you want, you can do everything manually. But first you must first create the category and then go back to the content.

Go to to make slugs Messages> Categories. Find the categories that you want to edit and click the button. to spend. Enter slug text in field slug. So click -update.

Go to to make snails from tags Messages> Tags. Find the tags that you want to edit and click the button. to spend. Enter slug text in field slug. So click -update.

Authors Slug

You can also create slugs for all authors who write for a site. However, WordPress does not have this function as standard. So install and activate the plug-in Edit author Slug.

nudibranch wordpress editor for authors

Now navigate to Users> All users. Click in the author of which you want to make a slug to spend. On the new page, scroll down to the bottom of the page, for which there are options Edit author Slug (Edit author Slug).

Enter the desired slug or choose from the options available for setting the author slug on the WordPress site. Finally click on the blue button Update user at the end of the same page.

4 tips for optimizing WordPress Slugs

There are some basic optimization actions that you can take to make an ideal slug yourself. Below are some valuable tips that you can apply and what positions you can get in search engines.

Focus on keywords for SEO

If you want to get better search engine rankings, you should focus on the use of keywords in your URLs. It is recommended that you choose a keyword in focus and use it exactly as found in the Slug of your page or content.

Text without formatting

Do not make very long texts and snails with different types of words. You must create something that is search engine friendly. That is why they must be short and describe the meaning of your content. Maximum 7 words, where your keyword must be central.

Delete unnecessary words

Ideally, you should also avoid words that do not necessarily have to be in the URL. For example, items such as “o”, “a” and connectors such as “e”. Consider doing this with all similar words. So if you have a Slug like buy-one hostingdo it buy hosting. And if you use the Yoast SEO, the plug-in itself provides suggestions for permanent link optimization.

Use URL redirects

When you create or change a Slug in WordPress, the entire URL structure is changed. This means that visitors to your site can no longer access content on the old URL. The recommendation is to redirect 301 from the old URL to the new Slug. Are there plugins that help you do this within a few seconds.

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How to Optimized the speed of WordPress?


Now that you know what WordPress slug is, you can optimize your pages and content for better ranking in search engines. Use the tips and tools above to make everything as traceable as possible. Good luck! ?



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