What is cloud hosting?

What is cloud hosting?

sAlso known as Cloud hosting the Cloud Hosting Web hosting is a type of website hosting where different servers are used to balance the use of resources and to guarantee the constant functioning of a hosting service.

The difference with this service is that instead of centralizing everything on one server, an online Cloud Hosting project is hosted on one bunch of servers.

They are all interconnected and offer the resources needed to make a website work. If either of them stops working for any reason, another server takes that position and ensures that the activity is executed.

With Hosting, the user gets a part of it bunch (Remove). And this is the opposite of a traditional hosting service, where the user gets a small space from a single server. That might not be enough for more robust projects.


Cloud Hosting architecture

Let’s learn a little more about the backbone of a Cloud Hosting. The structure is slightly different than with other types of website hosting.

  • Most of them usually stay centralizer all on a single server that serves a large number of websites. So if something doesn’t work, all sites that are hosted on the same server will go down until it is restored.
  • The multitude of servers distributed Cloud Hosting solves this entire problem. Because each hosted site is distributed across different locations, it cannot be disabled if something happens to one of the servers.

An example of websites that use the web Hosting distribution method are search engines and social networks. This is because a single server cannot handle the weight of all access and data between the source and users.

What types of sites use cloud hosting?

Shared Hosting is the most common type and is used most by websites on the internet. Yet there are specific types of websites that are most suitable for Cloud Hosting.

They are:

  • E-commerce (virtual stores).
  • Generation and management sites leads.
  • Company Page & # 39; s.
  • Advertising and marketing agencies.
  • Projects with a lot of data and user traffic.

Yet Cloud Hosting is very suitable for projects that can be scaled quickly.

As users need more resources and bandwidth to keep their site running smoothly, the service is ideal for projects that expect to receive a lot of clicks, traffic and data exchange on every page.

In general, it is a very consistent choice in most situations, especially because it is better than Shared Hosting and Virtual Servers (VPS).

SaaS, PaaS and IaaS and Cloud Hosting

All of the above conditions are all about Cloud Hosting because they are part of the cloud infrastructure to deliver the desired service. So, know below what they are and how they relate.

  • SaaS – It is the simplification of Software as a Service (Software as a Service). And it refers to a term used to identify companies that use any cloud system to deliver products and services to their customers, usually through their web browser or application. Google Drive is a SaaS.
  • PaaS – It is the simplification of Platform as a Service (Platform as a service). And it refers to a solution that is often used by developers as a workspace. They are popular because they are very flexible.
  • IaaS – It is the simplification of Infraestructure as a Service (Infrastructure as a service). It is a business model for website hosting companies that focus on delivering virtual solutions and processing power through a cloud architecture. They need a physical infrastructure.

How to have Luhoster Cloud Hosting?

Start your project with Cloud Hosting It is a click away. The most basic plans from R $ 19.59 per month, have special IP, 40 GB disk space, 3 GB RAM and other attractions for beginners.

LuHoster Cloud Hosting annual plans include:

  • Free domain registration.
  • Lifetime SSL certificate.
  • Integration with CloudFlare protection.
  • Daily data backup.
  • 80 GB disk space and 6 GB RAM in the Professional Plan.
  • 160 GB disk space and 12 GB RAM in the Enterprise Plan.

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Cloud computing technology (cloud computing) is becoming increasingly popular. For example, new services have been made available to meet the demand of users who are more interested in doing business in the online environment. web Hosting represents only one of these technologies – and is ideal for projects with the prospect of accelerated growth.



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