Top 7 best content management platforms to start a website in 2019

Top 7 best content management platforms to start a website in 2019

Top 7 best Content Management software (CMS) platforms to launch a website in 2019 It is much easier to launch a website in 2019 than twenty years ago. There are indeed several better content management platforms to start a website in 2019 that … Read more Top 7 best content management platforms to start a website in 2019

These platforms are called CMS (Content Management System) in English, and it can be as simple as clicking tabs and filling in content to create or manage a website with these systems. Some of these platforms offer a really awkward ease.

Are you looking for the best CMS to create and manage your own website? Here are 7 best platforms for you to manage content.

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Who is interested in creating a website and has heard about WordPress already? Probably the answer is “Everyone.” Launched with its 1.0 version since 2004, WordPress has been continually improved and is now considered to be the best CMS of the moment due to its ease of use.

Statistics show that WordPress “feeds” more than 30% of the web and represents more than 59% of the websites that work with a CMS. Thanks to its many WP themes, you can create any WordPress website. A personal blog, a service website, a portfolio website to showcase your achievements, an online sales site, etc. If you think about it, it can be done by WordPress.

WordPress provides a user interface that is very intuitive. It’s easy to create and publish content. You can change the appearance of your website with a few clicks or simply install a WP plugin.

No need to use a web developer and a large community of WordPress users are willing to help you if you have problems. You just got ta ask.


Joomla is not as popular as WordPress, but there is no doubt. This is one of the best CMS that you can use to create your website. In fact, Joomla is generally ranked 2nd after WordPress.

In reality, this management system offers more possibilities, but it does not offer such an intuitive user experience. As a result, it is much less used when someone is looking for the best CMS to create their website.

You can also create any Joomla website. It’s possible if you can think about it. With Joomla, it’s very easy to create different layouts for different articles because multiple themes can be installed and used.

Joomla is likely to be less straightforward than using WordPress, but if you encounter any problems, multilingual assistance is available to help you find a solution quickly.


Even if not as widely used as WordPress or Joomla, Drupal still ranks for your website as the 3rd best CMS you can use.

According to the statistics, about 3.3% of sites running with a known content management platform and 1.8% of all websites you can find online would use it. It’s still enormous.

People don’t use Drupal because they usually fall on Joomla when searching for a CMS other than WordPress. There are actually no big differences between the kinds of websites that you can create with Drupal or Joomla. Even multilingual sites can be easily created with each other. And there are plenty of themes available to create your site.


Was Typo3? No? It’s okay. Apart from WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, it seems unknown almost every other best content management platform to launch a website in 2019… Even those with the task of creating websites.

The reason is straightforward. Most consumers are looking to build and handle their website with a straightforward CMS scheme. And the first 3 of this top 7 of the best website CMS of the moment is already more than sufficient.

Typo3 is designed for more experienced customers and is therefore not as simple as WordPress to handle. This Top CMS, however, enables job on a big scale. It will be very helpful to companies working on the internet. For instance, creating an intranet makes it simple.

Furthermore, Typo3 makes it simple to control from a single interface a variety of websites. This is the dream content management platform if you handle multiple website content on a regular basis. If you have problems, multi-lingual aid is accessible.


Serendipity implies serendipity in French and is described as the capacity to create an unexpected but helpful discovery inadvertently to solve a issue while investigating another issue. This is a science word, and a sort of serendipity would have found acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin).

So we can say you are invited to create unexpected findings by Serendipity. This platform is the fifth highest CMS of common content management systems for tiny websites. With this CMS, for example, you can create personal blogs quickly and easily.

To create and manage professional websites, you can use Serendipity, of course. There are a number of extensions and topics available, both to alter your website’s appearance and to offer you access to more features in the administrator interface.

Serendipity is far from being the finest CMS you can use as a content management system, but this platform is a excellent option if you want to modify some of WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.


It may not be well known, but some see ImpressPages as the most up-to-date CMS. One thing is certain, in generating, publishing and handling content, this content management system provides one of the greatest experiences.

We really feel that when we use ImpressPages, the creator initially intended to impress individuals with his CMS. Even the interface for the administration is “on fleek.” You will have the right to a contemporary dashboard and with the variety of choices available, you can readily customize your website pages and characteristics.

If you don’t want to use a somewhat obsolete interface, ImpressPages is the CMS for the website you need. There’s even a drag-and-drop function that allows you to alter your website’s look readily.

If you’re searching for a modern-looking CMS and intuitive handling, ImpressPages is something you should like. Unfortunately, it isn’t the most used, so it doesn’t have a lot of extensions. So it can be hard to customize your website entirely effectively. By contrast, WordPress prefers.


DotClear is another CMS that you can use to build and handle your private blog rapidly and easily. No frills that are pointless. You can get began very rapidly with a WordPress-like editing interface.

Like nearly all CMS, DotClear enables you to publish content, customize your publications, and easily handle their taxonomy. You can use plain text, HTML and more to write your content.

You can even create RSS feeds using this internet CMS. Of course, by installing topics and plugins, you can also create your website more effective. This will enable you to alter your website’s appearance and add fresh characteristics to your website.

Note that while DotClear is a good website CMS, it doesn’t look much like WordPress.

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