Increase the visibility of your website thanks to SEO!

Increase the visibility of your website thanks to SEO!

SEO, also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is essential if you have one online activity. You can do that with SEO techniques position well your website in the results search engines such as Google. We will explain in this article how improve visibility of your pages thanks to natural reference techniques. Let’s go!

Seo overview:

Index your website in Google

Optimize the natural referral of your website

Calculate the target audience of your website

Index your website in Google via seo

Why do you have to use Google’s natural search engine?

Today the Google search engine more than indexes 30 trillion from different pages & # 39; s ! If you want a user to fall on your website by searching, you must do so compelling that you reference correct on the search engine. It’s not just about the design and beauty of a website! Use natural reference techniques such that one maximum internet users consult your website!

Generate one quality traffic thanks to SEO and to convert Internet users future customers ! Optimize your SEO to attract users that will be interested by the products or services that you sell. Unlike paid SEO, SEO brings long-term benefits ! The SEO promotions you have set up will not be never lost !

Today Google is the search engine used more in the world and more than 93% of French internet users use it regularly! You can’t miss it, it is essential to suggest an SEO from quality !

How does the Google search engine work?

Every day the Google robots visit the billions of existing pages. Then the & # 39; s pages are positioned in a specific order according to a ranking done. If you want Google position well you have to make a few of your pages relevant content ! Google analyzes the relevance of a page with its own criteria and decide whether the natural reference to your website is good or bad!

Optimize the natural referral of your website

SEO on-site and off-site

On-site SEO is about all techniques that you can apply directly your pages & # 39; s in front of improve your natural reference. One of the most famous techniques that we can mention:

  • HTML tags (title, meta description, h1, h2 and h3)
  • The loading time of your website
  • The keywords of your content
  • The quality and added value of your content
  • Accounting your website with mobile devices

This different data will affect immediately the SEO of your website!

The off-site SEO concerns the external content to your pages where we can quote:

  • The popularity of your website
  • Incoming links that point to your website
  • Share your pages on social networks

Submit something high-quality content ! In this way, internet users put incoming links to your website and the popularity of the latter will shoot up !

Use the long tail with your keywords

The long tail is a search query that is activated by a user with more than 3 keywords. Thanks to her that is possible position your website in searches that contain more precise questions ! For example if your website creation agency is located in Parisdon’t hesitate to convert if keywords “Websites creation agency based in Paris”! Long tail keywords are less competitive and you can record one better conversion ratio !

Calculate the target audience of your website

Use the Google Analytics tool

He is very important to visualize the traffic generated by your website to know if the strategy of natural references that you have entered effective ! Google Analytics is a tool totally free which allows you to:

  • Measure the total traffic of your website
  • View your most visited pages & # 39; s
  • View your pages that encourage people to take action
  • Know which external sites come from which users

A simple step by step guide for google seo.

With this information you can correct some points of your SEO strategy emergency !

Use international references of course

You want to reach an audience wider to generate traffic yet more important ? Work on the natural referral of your website international ! To do this, you must at least translate your website into desired languages and work all your keywords in this different languages. Do not hesitate to check the structure from all your URL & # 39; s !

Submit your website in multiple languages ​​to increase your total traffic!

Congratulations! You are at the end of the article and now know in detail different techniques to improve your SEO ? If you liked this article, do not hesitate to leave a comment below and share it on social networks.

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