Which technology course to work in the environment?

Which technology course to work in the environment?

If you want to work with technology but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Today you learn about technology-related professions that could become your career in the future. Let us show you which technology course options you can study to pursue the career of your dreams.

Why follow a technology course?

Just the fact that technology is never stationary and constantly being developed would be a good reason for you to follow a technology course.

Add this to the R $ 467.8 billion raised by the sector in Brazil in 2017, and you have an indication of the potential of this market that continues to grow.

Other than that, one recent IBGE survey shows that the technology sector engages the most each year. What happens is that there is a larger supply of vacancies for a smaller amount of specialized labor supply, making the sector one of the most nationwide.

Which course do I have to follow to work in technology?

Depending on your preferences, there are a few higher technology options that you can study to work in this industry. You only have to first define which one best fits your academic future and professional career.

Below are some in the field of technology for you to know.

Computer Sciences

It is a technology course focused on the theoretical foundations of programming languages. It has disciplines focused on the study of computer science in the context of large organizations.

Those who study computer science can develop tools, software and computer systems, from the most basic to the most complex, according to the requirements of business processes.

Information systems

It is a technology degree focused on data collection and storage, as well as information management in databases. It is managing the flow of all types of data, between personal and professional information, on the computer network of a company.

The information system professional specializes in creating complex mechanisms and systems that guarantee data transport and storage. At the same time, you must ensure that all this information is secure and retrievable if something unexpected happens.

System analysis and development

As more and more automated systems are required, companies need an expert in system analysis and development to plan, organize, manage and execute all their services.

Activities such as receiving customer records, inventory management, staff turnover and accounting management can all be handled by the complex system created by this professional.

Computer engineering

Computer Engineering is one of the technology courses with the most emphasis on hardware, not software. That is, it focuses on the structural and mechanical part of a computer as a usable object, not on what a program can do or execute.

The academic structure of studies focuses on the theoretical basis of hardware, components, accessories, and other components that make a computer work. And it enables professionals to innovate, find solutions to automate processes and make life easier for companies and people.

Software engineering

Unlike Computer Engineering, the Software Engineering course spends all your knowledge on software. That is, the planning, development and execution of computer programs for various purposes.

This professional is qualified to make software systems for computers, as well as maintenance and support for internet networks. He masters programming languages, databases, graphical tools and has the versatility to work with desktops and portable devices.

Digital games

The Digital Games academic course is intended for people who want to work in the electronic games industry. The niche market includes platforms such as computers, video games (consoles), smartphones, tablets and other devices with games.

The Digital Games professional has disciplines related to script development, character creation, game connection techniques, game play mechanics and interaction with set elements and graphic and visual composition.

Web Designer

Web Designer works directly with managed tools in virtual environments. Contains programs and systems for creating and developing product aesthetics, such as websites, resumes, flyers, presentation documents, logos or an application.

This expert can plan and idealize the visual structure of a product by thinking about the sensory experience of a person. It must be aware of the graphic trends of the technology universe and collaborate with the programming team for optimum results.

Social media

Social Media works directly with social networks and acts in the public or customer relationship with a company or brand. He specializes in knowing how to use these networks, collecting performance statistics, developing engagement messages and promoting sales campaigns.

The skill role of social media includes enabling them to understand how they can analyze markets by creating and publishing content based on their followers, consumers and the general audience. It offers great flexibility in tools so that it can work with computers and mobile phones when entering and managing pages.



The technology field is quite broad. It’s a good thing there are different technology courses where you can work in different sectors and segments of this ever-growing niche.

But before you start studying, check whether that is the institution recognized by MEC not to fall into the trap and to guarantee the quality of your vocational training.


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