8 FTP software for transferring files via the Internet

8 FTP software for transferring files via the Internet

Everyone who has a website wants the best possible experience with the available tools. There will come a time when you will have to do many file transfers over the internet. This is what the FTP programs & # 39; s to serve. In this article we have chosen the 8 that you can use the best.

What is FTP?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a network protocol makes file transfer via the internet possible. It works through two types of connections: one customer (the computer that wants to access something) and the server (the computer receives the same access request).

This allows the user to download and send files, documents, photos & videos, and all types of data between two machines connected to the Internet. This information transaction takes place securely in an environment that is protected by registration, password and two-step authentication.

4 Advantages of using an FTP program

One of the most immediate reasons for using an FTP manager to manage your website data is the ease of communication between computers via the Internet to transfer data faster and easier without an external device.

Other benefits of using an FTP program are:

  • safety. An FTP program is equipped with a data encryption system that protects the login and password information of users. Having an SSL certificate raises the security bed by verifying that the person who is actually trying to access the tool is an authorized person to use it.
  • No data limit. The user can transfer, upload and download documents of any size via the same network. There is no limit to this, because it is a very practical way to manage, store and send information without restrictions on the internet. Every FTP file type is supported.
  • Easy to use. Simply install and configure the desired FTP program to use it immediately. The process is simple and intuitive and with a few clicks the user can start copying files from one machine to another. Moreover, file folders are well subdivided into root and sub-folders, organized according to the wishes of the administrator.
  • Always stored tasks. Working with FTP ensures that site transfers and changes are always saved. The user never loses files or access to folders and subfolders of the opened machine or server. The management progress is also intact, as is the backup access if you want to return to an earlier version of the project.

8 FTP programs & # 39; s to transfer files online

Below are 8 programming recommendations

1. FileZilla

start screen of filezilla client

the FileZilla It is possibly the best known and most used FTP program. It has received such acceptance and popularity because of its ease of use and because it is free and open source. It is one of the most complete FTP tools that a website developer or administrator can use.

Other functions of FileZilla are:

  • Easy installation, configuration and with an intuitive graphical interface.
  • Drag and drop mechanics to manage and manage files the way you want.
  • FTP support with SSL and SFTP (SSH FTP).
  • This allows you to save, edit and delete files, documents and data by the server.
  • CMS compatible (WordPress, Joomla and other content managers).
  • Multiplatform: works with Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Available in many languages ​​including Brazilian Portuguese.

TIP: Did you enjoy the functions of FileZilla? You can install and configure the tool and use it now. Access to the full tutorial For more information.

2. Classic FTP

ftpclassic home screen

the Classic FTP is in our list for ease of use. And those who are more familiar with Windows, the operating system of Microsoft, will quickly recognize the similarity of the graphical interface between them.

Other features of Classic FTP are:

  • Uncomplicated installation and configuration.
  • It has a Sync tool that scans local and external folders and provides updates on everything on both sides;
  • It has drag and drop, making it easy to manage files and documents in FTP;
  • Supports FTP with SSL.
  • Compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 versions) and Mac.

3. Free FTP

free ftp program home screen

Developed by CoffeCup, a company that emerged from a coffee shop in the United States, the Free FTP is on the list as one of the fastest upload FTP programs & # 39; s. It is free and has an information protection coding system.

Other functions are:

  • Focus on speed: fast and efficient transfers (downloads and uploads).
  • Friendly user interface with direct options for important functions.
  • With the bookmark system you can mark and tag current projects and resume them from the last storage point (local, server or both).
  • This allows you to set access permissions for folders, documents and files with one click.
  • Drag and drop mechanics for simplified task management.
  • It works with FTP, SFTP, FTPS protocols and their encryption methods.
  • Compatible with Windows (7, 8 and Vista).

4. SmartFTP

smartftp splash screen

the SmartFTP is one of the most complete software in our offer. Especially since it can be integrated with other data storage platforms in addition to most functions of other tools. These include WebDAV, Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Google Drive and OneDrive.

Other functions of SmartFTP are:

  • Modern but uncomplicated user interface for managing tasks.
  • Compatible with FTPS and SFTP via SSH.
  • It has a complete planning system for organizing transfers.
  • Compresses files automatically.
  • Integrated HTML text editor for easy placement of elements on websites.
  • Available in more than 20 languages, including Brazilian Portuguese.
  • It has support for IPv6, UTF-8, 1Password and HTTP Proxy.

5. Cyberduck

home screen cyberduck ftp program

One of the open source software representatives, the Cyberduck It is an FTP program that serves as an alternative to SmartFTP. It offers the most functionality of the previous item, as well as compatibility with most platforms and other storage programs.

More features of Cyberduck include:

  • Simple and intuitive user interface and graphic images, including uncomplicated navigation.
  • It is free to install and use as an FTP client, to download and upload, and to synchronize project progress.
  • It can be integrated with Amazon S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, WebDAV, Azure and other cloud storage platforms.
  • It uses Cryptomator as its own encryption system, which guarantees the protection and confidentiality of data being transferred locally or on the server.
  • Agile file exchange: paste the URL of a document into your browser.
  • Works with Windows and Mac.

6. FireFTP

fireftp home screen

Also open source, the FireFTP It is free and has the most important functions that FTP software should have. One of the most critical points is that it is exclusive to Mozilla Firefox, with no extensions for other browsers.

Other features of FireFTP are:

  • Real-time synchronization to keep tasks up to date, both locally and server.
  • Remote file editing too
  • Drag and drop mechanics for easy management of download and upload files.
  • It supports SSL, TLS and SFTP with the same type of encryption that is used for bank and online store transactions.
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac, ie it is multi-platform and for different versions of operating systems.
  • Available in Brazilian Portuguese, in addition to 20 other languages.

7. Every customer

ftp anyclient download page

the AnyClient It is the first FTP program in the web-based list. This means that you do not have to download any software or an application to your computer. This makes it accessible to any browser, because it is less bureaucratic in use and easier to carry out file transfers via the internet.

More functions of AnyClient include:

  • It is free.
  • Intuitive graphical user interface for fast browsing and transfer.
  • It supports SFTP, FTPS and other storage programs such as Amazon S3 and WebDAV.
  • You do not need to download an FTP client that works in any browser.
  • It works on every operating system: Windows, Mac and Linux.

8. net2ftp

ftp net2ftp splash screen

the net2ftp The second tool in our list is based on an online environment. It requires no download and installation before it can be used. The tool is very simple, with only the most important features of online file transfer. Practical and objectivity are two words that fit with Net2FTP.

Other functions of Net2FTP are:

  • It is free.
  • Surf the FTP server intuitively.
  • Download, upload and edit files, documents and data via a web browser.
  • Allows you to add or remove files, folders and folders.
  • File compression and you can also check the size.
  • Compatible with MySQL database and PHP language applications.
  • User rights system for logins and task management.



The use of an FTP client is one of the most practical, fast and secure tasks for transferring files via the Internet. Now that you know some of the best FTP program solutions, you can start testing what best fits your user function.


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