What is VPS hosting? Everything you need to know about virtual servers

What is VPS hosting? Everything you need to know about virtual servers

There is different forms of web hosting such as shared hosting, but also VPS. theVPS hosting has become one of the most popular accommodations over time. With virtualization technology, it is possible to offer dedicated resources on a server with multiple clients.

This is a solution between shared hosting and leasing a dedicated server. Moreover this type of hosting is cheaper than renting a full server.

How does VPS hosting work?


As the name suggests, VPS stands for Virtual Private server. Virtualization technology is the means by which a service is divided into different virtual servers. Even if a dedicated server is shared on multiple virtual servers, the latter has its own resources. This means you don’t have to share your processor, RAM and other data.

A VPS server makes it possible :

  • Guaranteed performance: Indeed, you have your own specific resources (CPU, RAM, storage and bandwidth)
  • Security of your site: Because you have an isolated environment, you do not suffer from problems that may affect other clients who share the same dedicated server.

VPS hosting is the perfect balance between price, performance, security, accessibility and privacy.

Differences between shared hosting and VPS hosting

Shared hosting means that your site shares the same server as many other websites. This is usually the cheapest form, but it has limited bandwidth, administrative and performance options.

On the contrary VPS Hosting offers more options, more personalization and better performance. However, the price is often more expensive. In addition, with VPS hosting you have more disk space and a greater general availability of resources. This is indeed necessary if you want to develop your activity.

What are the pros and cons of a VPS?

VPS hosting can be an ideal solution when implementing your website. The benefits of using a VPS are:

  • Each virtual server can be restarted independently.
  • Every VPS has its own operating system.
  • The customer can choose any type of operating system based on these needs.
  • A virtual server is very stable and does not share these resources with other clients.
  • VPS hosting offers more freedom and functionality than shared hosting.
  • A virtual server can host many websites.
  • You can have root access on your server.

There are also some drawbacks to using a VPS server that are as follows:

  • VPS hosting is more expensive than shared hosting.
  • It is necessary to have some knowledge to manage your server.
  • You must have a minimum of security knowledge, because a poorly configured server can cause security breaches and make your virtual server unmanageable.

Why switch from shared hosting to a VPS server?

It may be time to switch from shared hosting to VPS for the following reasons:

Your website is loading slowly

Indeed, if and when the operation of your website and the addition of content, the loading time of your pages may be longer. This may in particular be the case for websites that perform many searches at the database level, such as online stores created under Prestashop. In addition, most websites will increase over time. In this case it may be necessary toconsider upgrading your web hosting to a virtual server.

Lack of resources

Your website may indeed indicate error 503 over time and may not make it available. This type of error means that your resources on your shared hosting are running low. This may be due to excessive use of resources by another client. That is why it is time to change the formula for VPS hosting.


You now know what a virutel server is. Although the price of a virtual server is more expensive than shared hosting, it offers more autonomy and better performance. You indeed have guaranteed resources and complete control over your server.

This is an excellent alternative to shared hosting for websites with many visitors and which use many sources. Feel free to tell us about your experience with VPS hosting comment

It’s simple, choose your special VPS server ?

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