What is Javascript? Basic introduction of JS for beginners

What is Javascript? Basic introduction of JS for beginners

the JavaScript is one of the leading languages ​​for web development. What is JavaScript and how does it work? This language was created more than twenty years ago and is one of the most used to date.

The three most used languages ​​are:

  • HTML language: This is a markup language that is used to structure and understand our web content. It is used to define paragraphs & # 39; s, headers, and data tables. In addition, it can be used to embed images and videos on a page.
  • CSS style sheet: This is a style rule that is used to apply a style to our HTML content. Indeed, you can specify the background colors and writing fonts.
  • JavaScript: This is a scripting language that allows you to create dynamic content.

History of JavaScript

JavaScript was born in 1995. The designer, Brandan Eich, was working at Netscape at the time. This language was originally designed for NetScape and only offered limited functionality. In 1996 this language was called ECMAScript. Over time he has evolved to the Javascript code you know it now. It now works on all web browsers, but also on all types of media, such as mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

At the start of his conception it was a primitive language. However, since 2016 almost all websites use Javascript. It has indeed become one of the essential tools for creating websites over time.

JavaScript advantage

Javascript has many advantages which are:

  • All browsers interpret this language. It loads client side and not server side.
  • It is one of the easiest languages ​​to learn.
  • This can be added to certain elements of a web page, such as clicking with the mouse or mouse pointer on a text.
  • It makes it possible to have an interactive website, which gives your visitors a better experience.
  • This language has become one of the leanest programming languages ​​over time.

Thanks to JavaScript you can integrate geolocation in your website, but also in Google Maps.

What is JavaScript? How does it work

what is javascript

The standard JavaScript language contains some general programming functions that allow you to perform tasks such as:

  • Save useful values ​​in variables.
  • Edits to pieces of text.
  • Code execution in response to certain events on a web page.

When the web browser loads a web page, the HTML parser begins to parse the HTML code and create the DOM. When the parser encounters a CSS or JavaScript directive (built-in or externally loaded), it is passed on to the CSS parser or JavaScript engine if necessary. JavaScript engine loads external JavaScript files and code onlinebut do not execute the code immediately. He is waiting for the end of the HTML and CSS analysis. Once this operation is complete, the JavaScript code is executed in the order in which it is found on the web page: Variables and functions are defined, function calls are made, event handlers are activated, and so on. These activities update the DOM with JavaScript and are displayed directly by the browser.

How to add JavaScript to your website?

The most common way of to load JavaScript code into a webpage is to use the HTML tagscript “. You can indeed use one of the following methods:

  • Load a JavaScript file into a webpage:
  • You can embed the code directly in your HTML page:

In addition to these methods, there are dynamic methods for dynamically loading on-demand JavaScript code. Indeed, a complete infrastructure for loading and running JavaScript modules with the correct dependencies has been resolved at runtime.


You can now know what Javascript is. Indeed, as you have read, this language gives life to websites. Javascript is also one of the simplest languages ​​to learn. Developed at the base by NetScape and for NetScape, it is today one of the most used languages.

And you, do you use JavaScript? What does JavaScript do on your website? Tell me everything ?

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