Google Chrome Free 10 Extensions!

Google Chrome Free 10 Extensions!

Google Chrome includes 10 extensions

Do you work on the internet ? If so, it is important that your website is well referenced if you want to attract new users ! Indeed, thanks to natural referencing, you increase the visibility of your website . In this article, we’re going to show you 10 completely free Google Chrome extensions . These extensions will allow you to verify several data that are directly related to SEO . Let’s go !

Google Chrome includes 10 extensions

1 – SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb allows you to have a free estimate of the overall traffic that you generate with your website! Use this extension to consult other very interesting data ! You can know the geographic area of your internet users . You can also find out the main geographic area of ​​your overall traffic!

Consult the launch of the Worldwide Web Site Like LikeWeb!

2 – Opening SEO Statistics

The Open SEO Stats extension is essential for natural referencing! Thanks to the latter, you can know the number of pages indexed by a website in the various search engines . You can also have other information such as the IP address of the website or the metadata that is used. Feel free to use this extension for information on a competing website !

Check all the pages of your website that are indexed with Open SEO Stats!

3 – BuzzSumo

Thanks to BuzzSumo , understand how people share your content on social networks! With this extension you can:

  • Know the total number of shares of your content on social networks
  • Know which pages are the most shared

With BuzzSumo create content that will better encourage your internet users to take action !

Find out how people share your web content on social media!

4 – Tag Assistant

Tag Assistant is developed by Google . This extension allows you to analyze if the tags you use on your website are functional or if they are problematic . Very handy if you use Google Analytics with your website!

Tag labels are free on the internet!

5 – SEO Quake

If you want to have a complete SEO report for your website, the SEO Quake extension is for you ! Check the density of a keyword or the compatibility of your website with a mobile . See a report on your internal, external links and much more!

Get a complete SEO report from your website with SEO Quake!

6 – Seo Search Engine Simulator

Do you have an international presence with your online activity? If so, you can’t miss this extension! It lets you know the search results for a keyword used from a particular country . Use SEO Search Simulator and view Google search results as if you were in the country you want!

Check out your Google search reviews from your own SEO Search Simulator account!

7 – LinkMiner

Does your website contain backlinks , also called inbound links ? Download the LinkMiner extension ! It allows you to check backlinks that are no longer functional . Also check out the number of external links available on your website!

You can use LinkMiner!

8 – Load time page

The loading speed of a website is very important for natural referencing! Page Load Time allows you to view the loading time of your website. You will also have a listing of content that is too slow to load on your website!

Test the loading speed of your website with Page Load Time!

9 – Image size information

Do you think your images are too heavy on your website? Use the Image Size Info extension ! Thanks to it you will be able to know the URL , dimensions and weight of a given image with a single click !

Information about the picture Information about the size of the entry!

10 – Redirect path

The referrals are very important for SEO! By extending Redirect Path you can check the redirects to your website and detect those that do not work !

Disconnect from redirects with redirects with the redirection path!

4 Tips to imrpove google positioning for your website:

Stories! Users benefit from Google extensions to optimize the content of the service. Users have the ability to create their own article and send them to a comment and send them to a shared audience.



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