Social Media Increase SEO Ranking?

Social Media Increase SEO Ranking?

Social Media Increase SEO Ranking?

The question of whether social media have the effect of site search engine optimization (SEO) on a ranking has been discussed a long time ago. In 2010, Google and Bing agreed on social labels (social signal) can increase search engine rankings.

Four years later, Google through the official Matt Cutts launched the video and said they are not based on social messages to increase the rankings. Since then a discussion about social media versus SEO classes has stopped.

Since 2014, Google has publicly denied that social media have a direct influence on the ranking.

Social signal

What are social labels? It is a parameter or rating of a branded website in social media. Examples of social signals are like sharing, signing up, voting, throwing, following.

Although Google says social media has no direct influence, SEO experts have shown that social media have an indirect influence on SEO.

User activity (netizens) in social media has an impact on search engine results. Look at the FB fanspage information that appears on search engines.

According to Hootsuite, a company that provides social media tools, capturing the power of Facebook’s content, has a high ranking on Google. We see the graph:

Facebook ranking the top 100 URLs on Google.com (US)

Note the exponential growth of Facebook pages that adorn Google search results. Have you ever seen a Facebook page on the top 10 Google Search pages? This is the social brand believed by SEO specialists that the existence of social media has an impact on SEO. Twitter also shows the same thing as Facebook.

You know that fanpage content on Facebook and Twitter can be indexed / recorded by Google’s robots. So that their content appears on Google Search. Instagram content can not.

Research on the impact of social media on SEO ranking

Hootsuite does research with the name of the project “Elena of the project“In order to demonstrate that social signals can boost SEO rankings.

They created 3 websites with the same number of articles, each with 30 articles. The research method is as follows:

  1. Site Control: consists of 30 articles that do not have posts.
  2. Group A website (only organic): 30 articles published organically on Twitter.
  3. Group B website (advanced payment): 30 articles published organically on Twitter, then enhanced with ads for 2 days, each $ 100 each

See Results:

Results of social label research

The result, differences can be observed and increased search visibility between the three sites. As you can see from the above results, there seems to be a strong correlation between social activity and ranking.

Yes, social media can help improve SEO activities. But they do not arbitrarily fill the content of social media with sales. Or disturb your fans with junk mail and non-quality content. They can ignore and even stop after you.

The next question for digital marketers is how should they interact for their social media to help improve SEO? Immediately specify your company’s social media profile. Product catalog or related biographies. Then enter the URL of your site

Social signal alert for social media

The next important thing is to keep your social media up to date. Provide content from your site. Go to social media (share). Next, provide shared media sharing facilities on your site to simplify the sharing process.

What is SEO?

Good luck.

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