What is the definition of Cpanel?

What is the definition of Cpanel?

What is the definition of Cpanel?

There are fundamental questions, What is Cpanel? ; This article explains about understanding Cpanel. When you want to create a website, then there is a lot of information that needs to be met, read the writing first understanding the site. The diagram below will facilitate an explanation of usability Cpanel.

Cpanel or also known as a dashboard, is a protected site app page linking you to site support on a web server / web hosting. Since site support programs are in the Linux operating system environment and are quite complex, Cpanel is a bridge to make it easier for users to manage the site.

Explanation for the above flow chart:

Web site designers / designers understand how to create a site with a site-builder such as Adobe Dreamweaver, MS Frontpage, etc., to produce design files with html, css, js or php extensions. In complex applications, it also produces sql extension files resulting from MySQL database processing. In the age of web 2.0, users have used the site that supports application programs, such as AppServ, Xampp, Wamp, etc. including server software, MySQL, PHP.

When done, create a site in the environment offline, web designers have to buy domain name and web hosting package so that the site can be connected to the Internet later on. BOC provides domain names for international extensions (com, net, org, etc.) and Indonesian extensions (co.id, sch.id, etc.). While the datacenter web hosting site may choose to use these in Indonesia, Singapore or the US. BOC will send web hosting activation information to the web designer’s email.

Cpanel is a protected control panel. To sign in, you need a username and a password. The Cpanel Access URL information and the login are in the host activation email. Cpanel it also appears in a web-based form, which means it is accessible through an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc. Cpanel is a bridge of technical commands for web site support programs located on the web server. Website support programs such as MySQL, Apache / LiteSpeed, PHP, etc. Due to its functionality as a bridge, web designers can manage the needs of the site. Some of them are:
– Create / delete email addresses
– Create promotional email
– Creating / deleting MySQL database names / users
– Upload site and database files
– Configure PHP
– View statistics for website visitors
– Configure the security / folder / site
– Subdomain / parking area and additional domain designation (add-on)
– Install instant site scripts, for example wordpress, joomla, etc.
– And much more. Lessons for each of the above functions can be viewed in the categories Educational material on this web.

Show Cpanel as shown below. If you want a demo, click here Demo Cpanel and web designers can read pages Cpanel Educational Program.

Then the web server ?, It is a computer that is 24 hours online that works for web page spreading on the Internet. On web servers installed site support programs such as Linux operating systems, MySQL databases, Apache /LiteSpeed, PHP configuration, etc. Similar to computers used by people with Windows, Microsoft Word, Windows Media Player, Adobe Photoshop, etc. However, the web server computer is more committed to the needs of providing only site programs.

The conclusion: Cpanel is a site-based application and acts as a control panel for site support programs embedded on a web server computer. Cpanel itself is actually a control panel brand that is popular in Indonesia and the majority is used by web hosting companies around the world. There are also control boards for other companies like Plesk, Webmin, Direct Admin, etc.

Video Explanation Understanding Cpanel

Cpanel Web Hosting Company

BOC Indonesia is one of the web hosting companies that provides Cpanel for control panels that manage the programs described above. Are you interested? Come online with BOC Indonesia, a professional experience from 2003!

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