Indonesian digital user and internet statistics 2019

Indonesian digital user and internet statistics 2019

Indonesian digital user and internet statistics 2019

Religion uses the argument, doing business using data (statistics). Keto horse, so he said. The policy uses consciousness bongpret haiizz ? (ignores this). Let us discuss the potential of the digital world and the Internet. There is a release of statistical reports from January 2019 for online life from Hootsuite and we are social.

Hootsuite is a social media platform company from Canada. We are socially a British social media company. I usually use digital and internet statistics from APJII (Union of Indonesian Internet Service Providers). But somehow, the latest research data has not been released.

Well, let's try to translate some statistics from Hootsuite and we are social. They are conducting surveys and collecting data from foreign institutions that seem to understand the behavior of the Indonesian population. Well, this is the big data business!

According to them, Indonesian Internet users have already passed 150 million inhabitants. Last year 143 million! Increasingly, you know! What does this mean; This user is a potential market for the business world. Get this tutorial by creating online business tools like webpages, social media, messengers, Google My Business and start creating strategies! Business through social media it just is not enough.

Internet access tools: 60% use smartphones, 22% use laptops and computers, 8% use tablets. What does this mean; Products and information should look beautiful and effective. The majority of users use this small smartphone. The site must respond and be effective. Enable the site's landing page to be able to close sales. There is an invitation to buy CTA. The CTA can be WA numbers, buy buttons, forms, suggestions, etc. Without complications, it has to go to other pages.

Internet access time per day of the Indonesian population is 8 hours and 36 minutes! Randomly make 3 hours playing social media, 2 hours watch video, 1 hour streaming music. The rest may be of interest to businesses and access to other information (news, education, etc.).

The top websites you access are often Google! Whether it's international (. Com) and Google Indonesia (.co.id). What are you doing; Yes looking! It can be a search for businesses and find other information.

According to Google survey data, 74% of Internet users use Google Search to find product information. 93% of online business traffic comes through search engines. So do the products of the company appear on Google and other search engines? Well, we hope you can pray for create a website! Then the site is displayed with long tail keywords for easy find on Google. Learn too how SEO works (Search Engine Optimization).

There are still a lot of other statistical results, such as Google's top keywords, social media usage, platforms, audience profiles, behaviors (fb, ig, twitter, linkedin, youtube), mobile phone use, and use of e-commerce. It can be downloaded via the FB team DONGKRAK handled the world.

Source: https://wearesocial.com/blog/2019/01/digital-2019-global-internet-use-accelerates

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