How to Email Business Settings in Mac Mail

How to Email Business Settings in Mac Mail

How to Email Business Settings in Mac Mail

The following is a tutorial on creating business e-mail in Mac Mail

This tutorial will guide you to add an e-mail message to the mac email app:

1. Open Mac Mail, click File> Add Account

2. Select Add another mail account and click Continue the button.

3. Enter your full name, e-mail address, and password. Below is just a sample, replace with your own ID.

4. Macmail says that to use manual configuration, simply click Next button.

5. Incoming mail server. Select your email type (IMAP / POP). The IMAP system copies the e-mail message from the original e-mail message that still exists on the server. The POP system receives emails from the server in your local storage. It will disappear on the server. Fill in your mail server, username and password with your own ID as shown below.

6. Outbound mail server. Fill in with your own SMTP server ID. Replace smokegarage.com with your own domain name. Also, your username and password. Next, click Create.

All sets, you can download and send emails with mac mail program. You can add more messages to your mac mail. More than one is okay. The event of adding Gmail to mac mail is possible. Here is an example of our mac mail being able to manage 4 email addresses.

My Mac Mail can not send emails, why?

Check the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) configuration. Make sure SMTP is set as follows.

1. Open preferences with Mail> Preferences.

2. Follow the steps below. Select your email and click Edit SMTP Server List in the following sample:

3. Select your email, click the Advanced button and set as an example below. It should be the same as the example below.

Done, happy e-mail!

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