You are backing up for months and years of SEO optimization , do you know how to work SEO essentially? The benefits of SEO should bring consumers and profits to you as the website owner. It’s useless for top 10 on Google but doesn’t make consumers closing sales towards your business offer on the website.

How does SEO work intrinsically, holistically and thoroughly?

When a website is ready, complete with text, images, videos that contain business profiles and offers, this website is like standing in a wilderness. There are no search engines who know the existence of this website.

In order for search engines like Google to know this website, they must first register. Read how to register on Google . Next, Google sends spiders (called Googlebot ) to visit. The goal:

1. Crawling

Search engines will crawl, browse all the pages via the link – a link that is created therein. During the pages linked (nge- each link ) then the spider of any search engine will know all the data is there.

2. Record and Arrange Data Structure (indexing)

After the website pages are found, Google tries to understand what the page is. This process is called indexing, recording and structuring. Google analyzes the content of pages, catalogs of images and video files embedded on the page, and essentially tries to understand the details of the purpose of the page. This information is stored in the Google index, a large database stored in many, many (many!) Computers.

To optimize this process, Google recommends:

  • Use a short title, meaning for consumers.
  • Use headings (h1, h2, etc.) for the main topics on the page.
  • Use text to explain pictures and videos. Google prioritizes understanding text that represents images and videos. Then provide alternative text (ALT) or other attributes in the image and video.

Personally, the CEO of LuHoster made a trial stating that Google could only read text. Google cannot see the image or even the beauty of design. Google is ‘blind’. Read the results of Google’s investigation that was ‘blind’ .

So for SMEs or startups that start their business online, it is recommended that the main focus for a website is to strengthen content (text, images, videos) rather than selfishly noisy about the beauty of design. The best is to create a website with effective content and a beautiful design, and without fuss!

3. The ranking and serving process

Google records many websites that share the same topic. For example the catering website, there can’t be just one. This catering website must be a lot in a location such as Bali. Google’s next task is to serve consumers who search on Google Search with certain keywords .

When consumers look for Bali Catering, Google tries to find the most relevant answers from its index based on many factors. Google tries to display the highest quality website rankings, considering the best user experience and the most appropriate answers, taking into account things such as location, language, and user devices (desktop or smartphone). Google does not accept payments for this ranking process. Ranking works based on programming algorithms.

The ranking process for ranking on Google Search has more than 200 factors. Waw! Briefly Google recommends:

  • Always update. Google is happy with websites that are always updated. So often write on your website. Hard to write? This is how to write SEO for your website. It has been answered why Google always raises news portals to search for actual or popular topics. Example: type the name of the popular artist / official. The portal is the top 10 Google.
  • Create effective websites (fast loading access, easy to find link navigation, responsive mobile friendly , internal links interlinked according to topics, content containing text, images, videos, etc.). Regarding the internal link, there are words in this article linking to other articles. For example a link about how to write SEO above. Internal links are links that are interconnected within the website itself.
  • Create quality content so that it becomes a reference for other users to create popularity. Easy language: create backlinks from other websites (it could be from forums, news portals, social media, youtube, etc.). This is an example of a backlink in a sentence: ” Balinese people who want their top 10 Google website can use a Luhost SEO service company .

Additional suggestions from CEO LuHoster are: Google considers the age of the domain name. The longer the age of the domain is online, the more valuable it is to Google. So do not just change domains!

Then additional suggestions, make articles to present serving long keywords that are sought by consumers. Sometimes consumers don’t type 1 or 2 words in searching for information. Examples of long keywords: “catering traditional cuisine for Caucasians in Bali.” Read more about the SEO benefits of long keywords .


Already the Top 10 Google, Is It Guaranteed to Get an Order?

Not necessarily! Consumer psychology before buying is doing research and comparison. The goal is to convince yourself that the choice is right as expected. It may be that the consumer compares your business and competitors that rank below your website.

Confront the consumer psychology by creating a website that has strategies and tools so that consumers immediately close sales! Remember 80% of internet users access information on the internet using smartphones.

You can use some of the strategies and tools below to make consumers close closing sales :

  • Add your WA / HP number in the Meta Title . This trick is to give consumers space that is lazy to read on your website to directly contact via WA. This laziness is created when the size of a smartphone is too small.
  • Make the front page of your website as complete and detailed as possible. So when consumers visit the website, just rely on their thumbs to scroll , scroll and scroll down and find your contact info. Minimize links to pages that waste time. Example of wasting time: Click here to see prices. Click here to register. Click here to read the offer. Immediately put important information on the front page.
  • Complete the website by downloading the PDF format proposal. Sometimes consumers do not decide at that time for closing . They need discussion and time to convince themselves. A quick tool to see your offer is to open a PDF proposal, no need for internet. Other benefits of this proposal are very many. Read in the benefit article of a business proposal .
  • Complete your smartphone with the PDF proposal. Sometimes consumers ask things that are actually already on the website. Because they are lazy to read, they ask. You just give the PDF proposal to the customer. If consumers often ask questions, then there is something that needs to be corrected on your website. Get to know the problem and the solution by reading the article: Why do consumers often re-ask info on the website?

In the meantime the information above can explain how SEO works , especially on Google Search. So the ultimate goal of SEO optimization is so that you can turnover and profit . Yes, right?

Good luck.

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