Let’s Encrypt Free SSL/TLS Certificates Available At Luhoster

Let’s Encrypt Free SSL/TLS Certificates Available At Luhoster

LuHoster is pleased to announce that it will offer all valuable customers a free SSL certificate. Now or later, there are no charges. It is a totally free service intended for our precious users. The certificates are obtained directly from the control table with which they are connected by LuHoster customers.

About Let’s Encrypt

A new certification authority (CA) called Let’s Encrypt has been established and met by a group of security experts from the University of Michigan, Mozilla and the Electronic Frontière Foundation. Cisco, Akamai and others support this authority. However, with Linux Foundation joining the group, this association was further enhanced. The Let’s Encrypt project aims to provide any website with free digital SSL / TLS certificates. In mid-September 2015, the first digital certificate issued by this authority was signed digitally. The Let’s Encrypt certifying authority promises to issue certificates without cost and fully transparent, safe and cooperative. This is just because it has the aim of benefiting the community, an initiative controlled by several enterprises. The Encrypt certificates have already been issued by 500,000 and the figure is increasing every day.

Why You Should Use It?

Whoever has ever considered developing a secure website by installing an SSL certificate is aware that this is not a trivial task. Beyond that, not something that we do every day, when we need it, is it difficult to remember, right? No confirmation e-mails are required with Let’s Encrypt. All this is handled by the program itself. After all, the Let’s Encrypt certificates are fully free and time-bound as any other such provider.

So Let’s See How it Works

The goal of the project is to provide free, simple and automated means of activating administrators and maintaining TLS on websites (formerly SSL).

This is an open source technology found under: https:/github.com/letsencrypt/letsencrypt.

It is open source technology. Some of the characteristics of Let’s Encrypt are:

• No need for dedicated IP

• All major browsers are recognizable

• Automatic renovation and it’s FREE. It’s absolutely free

• Very Easy to set up and install

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The Key Elements Behind the Let’s Encrypt are:

Automatic: The Web Server application can interact with Let’s Encrypt, to obtain a certificate passively and configure it for safe operation and automatically handle the renewal.

Security: The Let’s Encrypt serves as an advanced security system platform that uses the TLS protocol and helps website operators to properly protect their servers.

Transparency: All certificates are publicly recorded and are available for inspection by anyone.

Domain Validation

Let Encrypt provide your website with domain validation certificates, meaning users will see a green lock in the address bar.


In short, any website will protect its users with SSL / TLS that encrypts all information sent between the users and the site. In addition, the initiative facilitates the introduction of HTTPS on any site to ensure the safety of customers ‘ data. Some free options such as CACert can also be found on the internet.

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Contact our support team to install Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for FREE on all your websites.

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