A Quick Guide For Choosing Between HDD vs. SSD Reseller Hosting

A Quick Guide For Choosing Between HDD vs. SSD Reseller Hosting

In order to get the best reseller hosting services, it is important that you know the different types of disks used on web servers. Between hosting and reselling of the SSD, there is a huge difference. This article gives information on the types of web servers and their effects on your hosting environment.

If it takes more than 3-4 seconds to load your website, it is slow and you risk losing your clients. That’s why server performance is important to choose. When your server is backed up by strong hardware, your websites load quickly and speed is one of the main factors in today’s competitive world! In addition, it is important to select the right web hosting company which guarantees 24/7 technical support, alongside choosing a web hosting server that is backed with a high-performance hardware.

Technical Overview

HDD Drives

Festplates for Data storage and magnetization are hardware devices. These drives were invented many years ago and are currently the most widely used data storage devices. Here’s how HDD drives influence the hosting of resellers:


  • HDD drives are the cheapest data storage devices on the market.
  • They provide up to 12 TB per drive support
  • They are best suited for storage and backup


  • Compared with SAS and SSD, HDD disks are slower
  • You have a high rate of failure

SSD Drives

SSD drives form part of the latest media for data storage on high-performance block drives of next generation. 5-6 years ago SSD drives became more popular. SSD is both a high-pressure and continuous user grade SSD and company devices used in datacenters. Below are the main benefits and disadvantages of SSD hosting:


  • In reading and writing, the SSD drives provide high performance.
  • In a second, they can do many reading and writing operations
  • The IO (Input/Output) bottleneck removes the server owner by using 100% CPU capacity
  • They are more reliable than HDD drive and reliable


  • Compared to HDD drives, SSD drives are priced more

If you analyze the aforementioned advantages and disadvantages for both the drives, you will be aware that SSD reseller hosting is the best choice. Even though the hosting price of the SSD reseller is higher than that of the HDD reseller, it is still cheap and not very expensive.

Due to the speed offered, the principal reason SSD is a better option! An SSD drive shines more than 10 times over a HDD drive.

There are two main factors making a huge difference in the web servers: Latency and Random Writing.

The ability of a SSD drive is much faster than a HDD drive to find the data on the system. This results in your website loading more quickly as MySQL queries are executed more quickly, so latency issues are addressed. Random writings are the second most important factor to consider. Random writing accounts for 80 percent of IO activity on a web server. Random writes are relatively weak on the HDD server. SSD drive server is capable of randomly writing 30-40 times more in a second. .

How do drives affect the performance of your reseller hosting?

If the drives on your servers aren’t quick, you will wait until they perform their functions from the other parts of the server. If you have an busy online forum with many visitor activities, for instance. If users add new posts, your server will save the data in your forum database constantly. These are random writings. The speed on the server is much lower if the posts are too many and you use a HDD drive than if you use a SSD drive. Why is it? Why? This is because the server waits for current writing requests to be finalized before the new requests are sent ; and since the HDD drive is slow, this limit is reached quickly.

SSD Drive Does Not Mean That You Have Unlimited Power

It is important to note that you can not host lots of busy websites with the use of a reseller hosting account on an SSD server. This is because the CPU limits of your websites are exhausted. If you have a very busy website that every day receives a huge number of visitors, then choosing an SSD-storage cloud server is the best option.

It Is Important To Make The Right Choice

Overcrowded and overloaded SSD servers can also become available. In order to take care of the following factors, the web hosting company must be careful:

  • Proper management of servers
  • Make sure that the server doesn’t add too many accounts
  • Monitoring the servers regularly
  • Make sure individual websites do not affect the complete server’s performance
  • Ensure up-to-date safety of servers

If all the above factors are not taken into account, hackers can easily access the server and compromise all sites and use them for spamming. Therefore, it is also important to ensure you choose a good web hosting company, which regularly monitors and maintain the servers, along with selecting the correct SSD reseller hosting. It is also important to take into account that the hosting company guarantees the best performance of your websites and business 24 hours a day and proactive technical support.

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