Free Hosting Vs Paid Hosting : Know The 10 Remarkable Differences

Free Hosting Vs Paid Hosting : Know The 10 Remarkable Differences

Nobody needs a website, there is no way away from it. It is true that the concept of free Web hosting appeals to the owners, startups and new entrepreneurs, as it reduces the overall cost to a certain degree. But what’s best for you before you decide? Hosting free of charge or paid web hosting? Pass by the following 10 points to help you decide what’s the most important thing for you!


Free web hosting differentiates between paid web hosting and reliability is one of the strikest points. The free web hosting platforms do not generally provide the same time as the pay web hosting company. This is because the right server infrastructure is needed to provide the websites with good uptime and speed. Therefore, if you opt for a web hosting platform, you might experience downtimes or a free web hosting platform may not be able to handle the traffic spikes on your website. After all, the comforts of your customers and visitors make your business a reality.  A slower website or a website which is randomly down might mean losing customers at least by incontinence. Most paid web hosting professional platforms guarantee 99 percent of the uptime required for your website.

Search Engine Rankings

All companies want a higher ranking of search engines, but every fator which affects your website’s search engine rankings is important to understand. Free web hosting providers sometimes display irrelevant ads or unprofessional links on your site that influence your website size. In addition, spammers are known to use the free hosting platforms to create stupid websites. The search engines all notice these factors and have a detrimental effect on the ranking of your search engine. These problems will never arise from companies choosing professional paid web hosting services ; they have better rankings of search engines and also a reputable online view.

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Bandwidth And Storage Space

Professional web hosting providers, such as LuHoster, provide a wide range of web hosting packages with different bandwidth and storage space variations. Depending on your website requirements you can make a appropriate choice. In order to provide free web hosting companies, there is very limited bandwidth and storage space. It is therefore obvious that a genuine web hosting company will charge the customer with enough bandwidth and storage space. If you opt for a free web hosting package, it all might look good, but as your website expands, and you will find things difficult for you when you want to unload or transfer video files, photos or other media files. With limited hosting resources and limited growth support from your website, problems like slowing down and downtimes will often arise.

Support and Assistance

Free hosting providers do not immediately provide support for technical problems. Therefore, in the absence of prompt hosting services, you may have to deal with numerous technical and customer issues rather than focus on business growth. The website owner is not obligated to have a full technical knowledge.. The lack of technical support for sites working with MySQL, PHP and Pearl scripts in particular is a significant problem. All companies have access to 24-hour technical support with paid hosting services, which facilitate and facilitate their work.

Customized Error Pages

You will not be able to create custom error pages with a free web hosting platform. The web server uses errors to let the visitor know that an error occurs if the visitor types the wrong page URL or attempts to access a page not available on the website. With a free hosting account the inventory error page of the web hosting company will be displayed and no directions will be provided to the visitor for what they are searching for. The result is that the visitor gets confused and leaves your site.

This is not the case with a paid account for web hosting! You have full control of your website and your hosting account with a paid hosting account. You can design and display customized error pages for your clients when a visitor tries to access a wrong page or URL page. The visitor will not feel lost if they have a personalized error page and directions to navigate to another page. The result is that you will not lose a visitor who has entered the wrong URL on your website.

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Free Is Not Really Free!

Do you have to earn a free web hosting company right? They need money to manage the company, after all! How does a web hosting company gain from what you think? The answer is – by publicity!!

When you do not receive a hosting account from a free web hosting provider, the provider will probably place announcements on your site to receive them. The ads shown on your website are very little or almost uncontrolled. What if your website displays a competitor ad or any other inappropriate ad? Can you put yourself in danger?

You also develop the reputation of your website, along with increasing customers, and certainly won’t be interested in showing irrelevant ads on your website. You are in total control of your website and can show only what you want on the website. This can never happen on a paid platform.

Free Web Hosting Won’t Last Forever

You do not have any guarantee that the hosting company is there for a long time when you use a free web hosting service. Even a large free web hosting provider could think about packing up at some point. There’s no need not to shut down a paid web hosting company, a paid web hosting company could also shut down. However, with a paid hosting service , You will have a web hosting account through which you can download your complete Website in order to host the entire hosting service elsewhere. You can easily take your website backup to upload it to the new hosting account and your website will start and run soon.

Website Speed

The speed of the website is one of the most important aspects for customer retention today! There are many more alternatives, nobody likes to wait for a slow website. You load your website slowly and when a customer or visitor attempts to access anything on your website, it will take them a lot of time for them to get there if they are hosted on a free webhosting account which doesn’t provide enough resources to your website functions. What will happen is that the competition you host on a professional, shared-server, VPS, or dedicated server will lose your customers or visitors. Investing in a paid web hosting platform will provide your website with a good load speed.

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Website Building

On both –on a free web hosting platform and in a paying web hosting platform, you can build your website. However, you have to restrict yourself to the basic attributes to create your website in the event of a free Web hosting platform and there will be limitation in how you can create the features of your website. On the other hand, a pay-per-view professional web hosting package comes with an online builders or CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Magento etc. that enables you to easily design your website as you like, and simplifies the entire design process of your website, as there are no constraints.

Website Security

We live in an age in which hacking tries improvise as well as improvisation in security technology; hence, website security is of paramount importance whether your website is small or large. In the absence of the responsibility for the security of your website, if you choose a free web-hosting account. What if you compromise your website? You and your customers are willing to lose their data because of poor web safety? It is important to choose a web hosting provider, who is fully responsible for the security of your site, to safeguard your site against hacking attempts. For example, LuHoster offers several options for securing your website such as SSL certification, Web application firewall, Remote Backup and SpamExpert.

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Conclusion : You Need To See The Bigger Picture!

Sounds good maybe Free, but in the long term, is it really good? Just think about it! Think about it! This is your site and your ideas are being implemented, so is it not better for you to go to a reputable host? If you are opting for free web hosting, you might be thinking that you save a lot of money, but small issues with your site may get longer and spend longer on solving website problems than on developing your business.

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